3 crucial steps to thrive in your business and why learning new strategies and tactics is not enough

I failed many, many times in my online business. For nearly 4 years I had one failure after the other. Well, at least this was how it felt to me.

At Christmas 2017, I was devastated and my spirit nearly broken. I felt like a failure myself. In hindsight, my perspective is a different one. Now I know better.

Today I can clearly identify the necessary preparatory steps to my final destiny.
The guidance to do the work I was born to do.
But the journey wasn't easy at all.

There were so many ways I tried to succeed and failed...

The beginning

First I started with learning the tools of the trade. I read zillions of instructions and followed many different approaches. I “inhaled” one high-level program after the other. Everyone had a different approach to doing things. Each and every one was designed to produce results.

But not a single one of them enabled my final breakthrough. They couldn't. What I didn't realize then, was that I built my new-learned strategies upon the wrong foundation.

I copied their tactics but had often no clue WHY they were doing it and even more importantly HOW it represented who they were, their essence.

Then I combined my newly learned strategies and tactics with the area I was good at and had a lot of experience with and offered an online breakup coaching. But a part of me didn't enjoy the tapping part (a powerful healing technique to help solve peoples' emotional issues) anymore. I actually dreaded it. But I just couldn't let it go because I had no clue what to do instead.

So one of my mistakes was building my business upon my expertise but not on my soul purpose.

And only because you have a natural talent at something doesn't mean, that it's your calling.
Expertise, knowledge, and capability is not (always) enough.

You can still be heading in the wrong direction, like I did.
As a result my whole business foundation was weak and not authentic. It showed in hardly any sales.

My  darkest moment

And then came Christmas. My oldest daughter flew from England to Vienna to spend the holidays with family. Instead of enjoying the time together, one evening I sat there in front of my computer desk with tears rolling down my eyes and was utterly devastated.

Because I realized against my tremendous effort and commitment and huge investment, it still wasn't working.
I feared to never being able to break through.
And this was threatening my whole existence to the core.

My  spark moment

Then my spark moment happened.
Carina said something that touched me to the quick. She said:

“Mom, I don't think you should do breakup coaching. You'd rather do business coaching instead!”

I was stunned, and my whole body went into alarm mode.
How could I do the very thing I did struggle so much with?

But she was right actually. Building my online business and doing all the marketing is the thing I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE doing. I just can't stop creating and building it. Each day (Monday till Saturday, and often on Sunday too) I wake up in the morning and am eager to start working on my computer. I even have to set my alarm so that I stop myself from working past the sleeping time.

My main problem was being blind to my REAL abilities.
I didn't see how to connect each of my talents and natural gifts together so I wasn't able to grasp the essence of who I am.
So I wasn't authentic, not true to myself and had no real integrity.
And I was still invisible to my people.
Those people I'm here to serve.
They actually couldn't even see me, because I was hiding in an entirely different niche.

That's when I realized the power of knowing and living my soul purpose.

So if you want to build a business that brings you long-term happiness, wealth and success, then what you and in what order you do it matters.
It's an alchemical process - like baking a delicious cake – where mixing the ingredients in the right order and how you mix them matters as much as the ingredients themselves.

1. You need to know who you are:

Before you're able to identify your soul purpose,...
Before searching for a lucrative niche,...
Before learning the different tactics and strategies, you need to know who you are.

The real YOU.

The one who has a special gift to offer to the world.
The very thing which makes you truly special.
Even if you have no clue what it can be.
But once you know who you are, you can grasp your essence.
The core inner power that ultimately makes you you.

And one aspect of your inner power is your soul mission.
Your soul mission consists of 3 qualities you need to master to being able to follow your soul purpose.
Once you do, they will become your superpowers.

When you're interested, you can get instant access to the 3 part video training by just entering your email address.

2. You need to know your soul purpose.

And it's not enough to set aims. Nor will it suffice to define any purpose for your life. You need to grasp your essence and transmute it into your calling.

That's when the magic happens.

Your soul purpose builds your power base.
It is your north star.
It enables success like nothing else.
It's the very reason why you're here.

And it is also the one magic ingredient enabling instant credibility and trust in the marketplace.
People notice if you're in alignment with your calling.
Once you do, it will resonate with them at a cellular level.

3. You need to apply the RIGHT strategies

Only because a strategy works for somebody else, it doesn't mean, that it works for you. If it's not aligned with your personality and to your inner core, again you won't be authentic, and people will notice.
That's very important to know, especially at the beginning.

Because otherwise, you end up building one venue after the other and have to start from the beginning again after several months or years have passed by. Like it happened here: (quora)

“I wonder how many people are like me and never know what they want, or think they do and end up following a career that doesn't suit them, that they've spent a huge portion of their life preparing for.”

So the real challenge is not about learning new tactics or strategies but to know who you are and what your soul purpose is. Then build your business around it!

If you want to identify your essence, know who you are and what your true soul purpose is without wasting your precious lifetime then my Soul Purpose Alchemy Program is the perfect next step for you.

All my best!