40 things you need to know for a worry-free top career

Top career: Why it it so important?

Pursuing your top career is not about beating the competition or earning more money. It’s about letting your brilliance come forth.

I recently was invited to a speech about the Japanese bath culture and how it helps us to grow older while maintaining our health.

The topic is mildly interesting, and everybody knew it to be a sales-talk of a Japanese sanitary company, so we all didn't expect much.

But the speaker made all the difference – Petra, a woman, brilliantly gifted with inspiration and power of persuasion was completely capturing the room.

In the break I had a chat with her. Our chat started with shoes (we both LOVE Tamaris) and ended with a story of a big sanitary fair that she usually attends (with our favorite shoes) every year.

Last year she was already on her way to the exhibition when she got a call from a collegue. He told her to stop and turn around as one of the exhibition buildings was on fire.

First she believed it to be a joke. The second call convinced her but couldn't stop her from going.  The last call, actually caused her to turn.

This time it wasn’t her colleague anymore.
It was a direct call  from the European CEO.

And he personally prohibited her from going any further and said “I don’t want you to take any risk. We can lose anybody, but not you!”

You’ll never get this kind of support and recognition if you’re just doing a job to earn money instead of pursuing a career that gives you purpose!
Because next to a loving relationship, your purpose is THE main source of happiness.

The first step is to know what you're capable of and stop hiding yourself!
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So it’s important to not only have a job but a career.
And not to only have a career but a powerful one...
The most amazing one...

A TOP career that let's your brilliance come forth!

Pursuing this top career, it’s not only about mastering job search 2.0, writing the most compelling job application and resume.
Nor it’s about finding the perfect company for you.
No, all those things come second.
Because the most essential thing is YOU.

To understand yourself and know who you are.

So now you might ask me, shouldn’t we know that already by the first day at school?

And it's not about demographic facts ...
Clearly you know your age, gender, name, address.

But it’s about knowing what makes you tick!
It’s about identifying your strengths and weaknesses.
What makes you burn red hot with passion and pulls you out of mediocrity.

Honestly, during my own struggling and soul search, I realized I didn’t know me at all. In fact, I was so blind to my real strengths and passions, that it was scary!

I also learned about the importance of finding and pursuing your purpose.

One sign, that you have a purpose waiting for you is when this inner restlessness starts. You simply know, it's time for a change - even if you don't know what it is yet.

And it won’t go away unless you listen to the longing of your heart and the whispers of your soul, both striving to bring you to the next level.

To help you with that, here are my...

40 powerful tips to avoid career mistakes and master your most brilliant TOP career.

But before you start to continue, grab a cup of tea!

It’s going to be a VERY long article, jam-packed with powerful tips and tricks you ABSOLUTLY need to know!


1. Not understanding yourself

As already mentioned, not understanding yourself is probably the biggest mistake of all.

Even if you’ve already planned out your top career meticulously, you might still go astray if you're hiding your potential.

Because moving faster won’t bring you farther when going in the wrong direction!

If you’ve never invested in your personal growth and development…
Never have taken the time to figure out who you are…
How can you expect to make wise career decisions?

So the first step to identify your TOP career, is always about finding yourself first.

Understand yourself and your career decisions will fall into place.

But what to do if you don't know your strenghts?

If you don't know who you are, it means you're playing small and are not living your full potential!

And if you want to know IF or HOW MUCH you're hiding your potential, I've developed a simple test for you.

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2. Choosing glamour over purpose

Falling for prestige and glamour is tempting but can be so heart-breaking!

Too often, those flashy professions promise more than they can keep.
Just choosing a work-field because it’s glamorous, might be alluring as it's never truly satisfying.

Prestige nor money (see tip #34) can’t compensate for the lack of meaning and joy. And just inflating your ego or flooding your bank account with money, won’t make your heart sing long-term. Only your purpose does!

Going for the glamour will actually push you away from your purpose. Thus you’re not adding real value to the world nor making an impact. This will leave an empty void within you, the same way as chasing money does.

3. Decisions based on the wrong advice

The same thing happens if you take on other peoples advice as your own without understanding yourself first.

Then you’ll live for other people and by others’ standards but not your own. (Doesn’t mean it couldn’t have happened already without your knowledge, though! )

Be aware also, even if your family wants your best, it must not be the best for you! So respect your family, but don’t build your life on something that’s not in accordance with who you are.

Sometimes you have to simply ignore their advice if it flies in the face of what you truly want.

And sometimes, others’ advice is even more dangerous when they are limiting themselves by their secret fears or hidden blockages. Even more so, if they are toxic people.

So don’t let others limit you but follow your passion instead!

To achieve that, first know who you are (see tip #1) then consider how you can apply all your strengths in your ideal top career.

4. Outside appraisal instead of intrinsic motivation

Going for intrinsic motivation means also you’re going for your joy and passion. Joy is key and your guiding light as it will bring you closer to your purpose and your TOP career.

When you don’t enjoy doing something, you need to stop it!

It means you’re going in the wrong direction because you’re doing something you’re NOT or NO LONGER longer supposed to do!

Focusing on intrinsic motivation will also help you to become an A-employee and one of the most favorite employees of every boss. A-employees are self-reliant and always strive to fulfill each task as best as they can.

Not because they seeking external approval of their priors...
But because it’s important to them not to waste time and do everything with utmost competence to comply with their high inner standards.

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5. Copying others and hoping for the same results

Just recently, I read a quote from Anthony Robbins.

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results.”

I don’t agree. I know this is common advice because that’s how we learned as kids. But it’s also the reason why I failed for 4 years when I was building my online coaching business.

True, this strategy might work for some basic learning skills like writing, eating, walking.

But it doesn’t apply to something as sophisticated as your top career.

Nobody is the same like you. So if everbody is different, shouldn’t you have also different approaches to success?

Madonna for example. She was always a rebel at heart and liked to provoke and challenge people. Rebellion was deeply ingrained into her being and a core personality trait.

Thus letting her inner rebel guide her, served her well, and was key for her success. But just copying her approach won’t make me successful but only result in embarrassing myself as I have a different personality set-up.

Blindly copying others’ processes will only work for you if you’re lucky and have are a similar type (strength-wise, archetype-wise, and personality-wise).

But chances are higher to fail than to succeed with this approach.
You see, everything comes back to knowing yourself first (see tip #1) and then custom tailor your strategy.

6. Not investing in yourself

I’ve said it now so often, knowing yourself (see tip #1) is of the utmost importance.

Shouldn’t we assume it should come easy to us? In the end, it’s about understanding the person we spend the most time with.

But actually it’s the hardest to figure out why we do the things we do. And this has mostly to do with our subconscious believes and protection mechanisms.

So if you can’t figure out who you are alone, get help!

I believe in life-long learning, growing and developing.
In order to do that, you also need external input to get your blinders off.

Go to seminars, attend trainings, read books or hire a coach.
Be committed to your education and learning.
Invest in yourself!

Not only to know yourself better but to know yourself better, transform yourself into a powerhouse of productivity, and gain the necessary qualifications for your TOP career.

7. Not developing your own brand

Once you know who you are, you need to let others know that too!
So whether you are an employee or entrepreneur, it’s a must to develop your own personal brand!

You can build a blog where you share your thoughts, opinions, and expertise. Or you create an amazing LinkedIn profile and share your thoughts in groups or with people connected to you.

Once you built a certain reputation, you’ll be more desirable to work with. And who knows, it might even turn out as your new purpose.

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8. Self-compromising beliefs

There are too many self-diminishing and ill-fated beliefs about work out there.
Like believing it’s normal to be burnt out after work.
That you need to compromise your morals to earn a lot of money.
Or that you have to be an a**hole to succeed in the business world.

But the truth is, all of these beliefs are created by people who limited themselves and had no idea of their purpose.

Your purpose is a game-changer!
It will bring you more abundance, gift you with more joy, create more success than you might have ever experienced so far.
And the most impressive of all – you become irresistible!

Finding and walking with your TRUE purpose means the force IS with you.

So why not discover your passion and purpose first and then build your top career on it?

Once you let your brilliance let come forth, all the many limiting beliefs vanish like thin air and you’ll finally see you as the powerful woman who you truly are.


9. Self-respect

What do you think comes first in an intimate relationship - love or respect?
When I was asked the question the first time, I gave the wrong answer.
I went for love.
Except it isn’t!
Respect is the key to a loving relationship.

Without respect there is no love possible as you can only love another person if you also respect him or her.

And if there’s no respect, there’s no love. In fact, you can even tell how long a relationship will least based on how respectful the couple treats each other. Once the respect is gone, the love will vanish too.

This is also the reason why it’s so DANGEROUS to let your partner treat you disrespectfully!

Furthermore this doesn’t apply to love only. Respect is the basis of every connection we build with others. Be it work, love, friends…

So now, as you understand why respect is so important…

And why you need to command a respectful behavior...
Who do you need to respect first?

Yes, you’ve guessed right… YOURSELF!

But you only can respect your needs, your wishes, your time or whatever you desire if you know what you need, wish or desire, right?

It's also easy to see, where you don't respect yourself, as others will mirror it back to you!

Just look around and observe your contentment with the different areas of your life, and you’ll see within an instant how much self-respect you’re giving yourself.

Remember, others WILL and CAN only respect you if you respect yourself first!

If knowing yourself comes first for claiming your TOP career, self-respect comes second.
Yes, it's THAT important as every connection with others builds on it.

And if your amazing top career shows the annoying tendency to always sidle off, start with checking if you’re on the right track… (yes, here it comes again… know yourself first – see tip #1).
Then start with observing closely where you lack to grant yourself what you give others freely - your heartfelt respect!

10. Aiming too low

Accepting less than you could have is usually a question of self-worth. But the harsh truth is - if you don’t respect your needs and dreams (see tip #9), nobody else will.

I know, sometimes it’s not easy to confidently go for what you long to have.
We all fear failure.
We all dread being an imposter.
But without failure and the initial tension and insecurity, there’s no progress possible.

Nobody is born almighty, we all have to wet our feet, learn and grow.
Honestly, if I consider that it took me 4+ years to finally figure out why I was struggling with my coaching business, I can name myself queen of failure.

But even if I’ve encountered all the many challenges along the way, I was not able to quit. I just couldn’t do it. Nor to slacken my dream of building my online empire.

Know that you deserve to have all your dreams come true!
So go for your top career as it’s the culmination of your talents, strengths, passion, and purpose. Believe in yourself and don’t accept less!

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11. Not standing up for yourself

Respecting yourself, means also to stand up for yourself.
Because if you don’t do it, nobody else will do it for you!

If you want higher pay, you need to ask for it!
If you desire your top career, again ask for it!

But standing up for yourself, I know, can be challenging.
So I have a little trick for you.

Whenever your intestines are cramping up just by the mere thought of asking for a salary raise, still go and ask for it.

But don’t do it for yourself.

Do it for those people you love and who would benefit from it in addition.

Do it for your children.
Do it for your partner, your pets or whoever you hold dear.
You can even think about your favorite charity if you like.

The point is to not only ask for your own benefit but for those who you care for.
Caring also includes providing the necessary means and making sure others needs are met. And this is the trick here!

This is really powerful if you feel uncomfortable asking for yourself only!

Also, it helps to have a career advancement plan in place.

With a plan, it’s easy to stand up, and be focused and dedicated to your dreams.
Even your boss will understand your commitment to your career plan and account you as the highly skilled professional that you are. There are 4 questions though, I recoommend you to consider, BEFORE your planning.

You get what you deserve, but not until you speak up and ask for it.

12. Identifying with failure

One of the most destructive ways to sabotage yourself is to confuse temporary setbacks with a permanent value judgment.

There’s a difference between failing and believing yourself to BE the failure.

Failing can be changed and is only temporary.
Seeing yourself as a failure is a negative judgment about yourself, out of which it’s hard to escape.

Like I said before, nobody is born almighty.
We all need to learn.
We all will fail.

All these setbacks are not permanent but a mere transition point.
And they don’t define you!

Identifying with your failures will leave a permanent mark and disable your powerful top career.

So instead of being ashamed and hiding away in a rabbit hole, see failing just as a mere bridge to your success.
Look for ways to learn and improve and then try again. And again! And again… unless you cross the bridge and succeed!

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13. Having no specialization

Developing a broad focus at work can be really dangerous for your top career.

Not only will it limit or even diminish your market value, but companies also don’t need generalists.
They want specialists and masters in their field to accomplish challenging tasks and sensitive topics.

If you’re willing to do any deed for pay, you’ll never be given the highly sophisticated tasks.

Wouldn’t you rather go to a heart specialist if you suffer from cardiac irregularity than to a general medical practitioner? I bet you’d rather do!

And so do your employers because they need highly skilled experts and marketing leaders to remain viable and stay ahead of their competition.

So being an expert on a specific niche is no longer an option but a must-have if you’re looking for your top career. But the good news is – once you know yourself, your passions and purpose you no longer hide your potential and do automatically those things you’re best equipped to do!

Then it’s easy to develop true mastership. That’s one of many reasons your purpose is so powerful!


14. No planning

Do you feel in control of your top career? Well, you can’t if you don’t have a plan in place. Nor will you have success without a clear plan neither.

Not having a plan makes you flattering distraughtly around, frantically grabbing every possible opportunity (see tip #20) to boost your top career while as a matter of fact you’ll actually hurt it.

But again, before you make any plans, you need to understand yourself (see tip #1) so that you can make the right plan. So you’re not heading full speed in the wrong direction only to regret it 5 or 10 years later and feeling you’ve wasted so much time!

Second tip, put your plan in writing. As you most likely already know, a written plan has a 80% more likelihood to be successful.

Another pro tip is to put your written aim at a place where you can see it often, so you don’t lose your focus. Also, if you want to boost your planning results even more, you can also create  a vision board to support your dreams the best way possible.

Too often we don’t plan at all or are deciding too late in life about our top career choices. Thus we too often keep landing up in the wrong place.

Sometimes though, the reason for this is not only a lack of decisions but a sub-conscious sabotage mechanism that will unconsciously stop you from meeting your goals!

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15. Changing your plans too often

If you’ve started your career at a well-reputed firm with good company culture, consider sticking to it for the next 3 -5 years instead of jumping off the wagon just every 6 months or 1 year.

Building your reputation takes at least 3-4 months' time.
The same is true with earning the trust of your seniors.
And you can never reap the fruits of your hard work if you change too quickly.

So how can you avoid to find yourself in the wrong place?

The more clarity you have, the better your choices will be.

Know who you are (see tip #1) and what you need to be happy first. That’s the best way of avoiding too many changes and dissatisfaction with your career choices.

Then respect yourself and your dreams, make your top career advancement plan and go for it!

16. Not raising your value

You also should have a sufficient support plan in place – not for the company you work with but for you.

You need a dedicated development plan for raising your value through education (see tip #6) and to enhance your skills or experience.
Lacking that will limit your choices and make you easily replaceable.

But you might find along the way another trap – the excessive education obsession.

I know too many extremely qualified women with a plethora of qualifications and they are still getting overlooked and aren’t appreciated for the /or are totally unhappy with their current work field.

Just adding another training to your already most impressive resume won’t make you happier!

So again, it comes back to understanding yourself first and to make sure you’re not living an imposed purpose (see tip #3) or going for glamour instead of purpose (see tip #2).

17. Not changing the plan

While you shouldn’t change your plans too often, the opposite is even more dangerous – not adjusting your plans.

By that I not only mean the threat of staying too long in your comfort zone (see tip #18) but not adjusting your plans accordingly to the different circumstances.

Only because you loved working in a specific field or doing specific tasks, doesn’t mean you’ll love it for the rest of your life.
You can also fall out of love!

Whenever you fall out of love of a given task, assume it was always ONLY a necessary preparation for your purpose, NOT your purpose itself!

Sticking to a plan, just because you have acquired the skills without your loving it anymore, is a bad idea!

So adjust your plans whenever you improve or your passion changes!



18. Getting too comfortable

A predictable routine gives us comfort as well as a meaningful life. But there’s also the danger of becoming complacent if you’ve been doing the same job day in and day out for years.

Without any new challenges, chances are you’ll become disengaged and less productive. And even if you had huge dreams and plans initially, they might get buried under the daily chores.
That’s when you stop growing and are settling.

Breaking out and inducing change then, can be scary!
Going for your top-career might be even scarier as you have a good job and amazing colleagues to lose.

But on the other hand, if you have reached a growth limit within your company, comfort is also your biggest enemy keeping you stuck for years while you could have grown your potential in the meantime.

Also, be aware that next to building up the courage for a change so you can leave your comfort zone, you might also need to fight your inner protection mechanisms which are keeping you stuck and limiting your choices.

19. Not taking your chances

So maybe you already know, it’s time for a change career. And you might have already found your next dream job, but when you read it’s job descriptions, you fear of not being enough and lacking the very qualifications the job asks for.
Thus let this opportunity pass.
And the next one too.

But job descriptions don’t matter as much as you think. Your passion does!

If you try to fulfill all the requirements down to the last drop, you fall prey to perfectionism and an illusion created by your lack of self-confidence.

So don’t discriminate your top career by playing small when instead, it’s time to believe in your ability to grow and learn to achieve career greatness.

Follow your passion and never let your chances slip by but grab them when the opportunity arises!


20. Taking too many chances

The opposite is true when you’re taking on every opportunity. Then you end up jumping around like a frantic grasshopper, believing you have to take any tolerable opportunity in your field. Very probably you do so, due to the misguided intention of advancing your career.

Combined with that often comes the inability of saying NO.
So you comply with every request from your boss and colleagues out of fear to disappoint them or even lose your job.

What you don’t see is that NOT saying NO helps you keep your job indeed but makes you lose your career!

There are several reasons for it.

First, you are always better off with specializing (see tip #13).

Then you’re always a notch above others if you’re doing limited tasks with perfection instead of promising too much and then not meeting expectations.
That’s not only bad for your self-respect but for the respect of others too! And not to forget that you’ll be throwing your perfectly crafted top career advancement plan to the wind.

At a certain point, you need to be willing to take on the risk of holding out for the real deal!

Remember too, going for glamour instead of purpose isn’t a true chance but only a mere illusion. (see tip #2).

Here you get additional support when defining your perfect top career.

21. Stuck with the wrong career

You might have a great career.
You are competent and highly skilled but still feel stuck.
And sometimes in your weak moments, you even admit it to yourself.

Being competent at work means you have the necessary education and have developed the required skill skillset to fulfill your chores skillfully.

It doesn’t mean though, you follow your passion.
Nor does it mean you can apply all your major strengths and gifts or your core values.

All that, makes your competent job in the end still a waste of your time!

Remember the story at the beginning of this article? How even the European CEO called?

You’ll never get this kind of support and recognition if you’re hiding in the wrong career or doing just competent work.

If you want to stand out and let your brilliance come forth so that your CEO is compelled to call you, you won’t achieve this by sticking to your competence. But only if you do more of what makes you already successful!

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22. Stuck in excellence

I differentiate between 5 levels of work competence. Once you’ve reached your excellent level, you’ve come quite far already, but it can still trap you along the path to your TOP career.

Now you might ask me why, right? Shouldn’t we all strive for excellence?

Yes and no.
Yes, because we should always aim to do excellent work and go for maximum impact. No, because it’s still only your spring-board to your purpose, but you’re not there yet.

And the danger lies in getting stuck at this level.

It’s easy to fall for the excellence trap, because at this level, you’re already doing a lot of great work, are of tremendous benefit to your company, and get a lot of admiration and rewards.

You’re getting a high salary, have an amazing lifestyle and don’t want to risk that. So you end up stuck in the golden cage.

But even though this kind of work might have inspired you initially, slowly but steadily, it leaves you with a shallow feeling behind.

And then, at a certain point, you even secretly start asking yourself if this could have been all…

And not it isn’t!
But it’s easy to fall for the excellence lure!

The only way out of it is to finally go for your purpose and enter the last level, your brilliance. Otherwise you can go into real trouble and might even put your current career at risk.

23. Being a flash in the pan

After having finished an initial project or have driven home a big sales-success you feel like you’ve made your point and proven yourself. Then it’s easy to slack off.

Meaning, you don’t have the same drive like at the beginning. You even use your work time for other chores, like surfing the Internet, scrolling through social media, chatting with friends on your phone…

But you forget one important thing. You’re not getting paid for enjoying yourself but for bringing constant and consistent results!
Starting strong and ending weak will hurt your image and your success record.

And once your boss picks up on you slacking, it sows mistrust and suspicion which hurt your image and personal brand (see tip #7) further. You’ll not advance your top career with such an attitude.

Again, it’s easier to keep going if you TRULY enjoy what you’re doing.
Discovering your passion and knowing your purpose first makes it easier to stay strong and keep consistent and impressive results.

24. Just for the impact

If you are one of these kind-hearted people who want to make an impact and change the world, this tip is for you! Then you’re always here to support others – but too often forget to support yourself. The impact you can make is worth the low paying job.

But making your top career decisions only based on how much good it would do for others, means you’re neglecting yourself and your needs.

So if you fall prey to this kind of thinking, you need to understand one important thing first.
You need both - the impact and dedication as well as money and energy exchange.

Not securing that will burn you out, leave you stressed out and exhausted. Not only because you are giving too much, but also because you’re not respecting yourself!

So support yourself the same way as you are determined to care for others. Because the higher your payment, the more support possibilities you’ll actually have. And if you consider it, you not only owe it to yourself but also to those you want to help to provide for yourself the best way financially.

So if you are constantly stressed, not about your work, but your lack of money, it’s also time for a change! Remember, you deserve to have it all!
To bring a positive impact to the world and to earn enough so you can live a comfortable life and have the quality lifestyle you want to have.

Pursuing a career, just on behalf of others and not providing enough for you too, makes it a bad top career choice long-term. Get the career assessment checklist to evaluate your current career!


25. Waiting for the perfect time

Guess what? The perfect time will never come! Or it is happening right now, as you feel drawn to read this article. Because in the end, you make the perfect time happen, as only you can take charge of your situation!

You won’t get your top career all of a sudden. It’s more likely you’ll build it one step at a time.

Make sure you’ll have a career plan in place and make sure only to take those career steps which are in accordance with it.

Building your top career takes time, as it is a long-term process. The sooner you start planning and executing your development plan, the sooner you’ll get your top career.

So don’t wait for the right moment but start taking action.
My suggestion is to first start with defining your perfect TOP-career first.
Then creating your career plan is way easier.
Once your goals are in place, go and look out for the best opportunity.


26. Work-Life-Balance myth

Whatever great thing you want to accomplish and get momentum you need time. Thus a constant and equalized work-life balance is a myth if you want to do extraordinary work!

Don’t pressure yourself to comply with any pre-give work-life balance rules!

If you want to do great things and make a real impact, then equally sharing your time with the several areas of your life isn’t realistic.

Also be aware that your priorities will change over time according to the different life stages.

So set your own expectations and priorities, find the right counterbalance to stay healthy and happy (see tip #27 and tip #28), and then go for your dreams.

27. Neglecting people you love

While it’s not possible to maintain your work-life balance all the time, be aware that your career is not everything.

Remember, you have two main sources of happiness - your purpose as well as loving and meaningful connections to others.

Humans are social beings - thus, we need to connect with others! Depending on your personality, be it introvert or extrovert, the number of people will differ.

But you still need people you love in your life. So at the end of the day, the right people will fuel you with energy and support your dreams and passion.

So don’t neglect the people who you love most and who supported you along the way! Try to find a healthy balance for you and them.

Both, purpose and people, will gift you with a fulfilled and meaningful life.

28. Compromising health

Do you know who is your best and longest friend, always having your back?

Always being there for you when in need?

That’s your body!
Your body is the most amazing creation and your truest friend.
Think about it… without it, you could do nothing!

So be mindful about how you treat your awesome friend!
Take some extra time to exercise, but for by all means feed him what he needs to keep his high performance!

Eat clean and healthy and give him all the care it needs for you to thrive!

29. Too serious at the workplace

Give 100% and go for your passion, but don’t take your work too seriously neither!

Nothing beats a good laugh in releasing pressure and enhance bonding.

Don’t get me wrong, and don’t pretend to be someone who you’re not! Neither play the jester on demand.

But sharing a joke and your fun side now and then makes you more approachable and will help you connect with your colleagues and even your boss. So to boost your own know-like-and-trust factor, have a laugh now and then!

30. Getting too comfortable

As always, having fun is also a question of the right dosage. Being too comfortable at work and mixing pleasure with business can backfire very fast! Don’t forget, you’re getting paid for results!

You’re not there to hang out with your buddies, relax or to party. Nor is your work time a social media binge-watching event. Be professional, keep your work ethics high and a strict no slacking rule (see tip #23).

Also, don’t get too friendly with your boss and treat her like your new best friend. Keep your professional attitude even at work-related events even not getting wasted at holiday parties.

It’s one thing to socialize and have fun together, but quite another thing to lose control of your behavior and attitude.

Remember, what you do in your private time is your business only. But never mistake your workplace for your friends hangout spot.

Keeping your professional distance and still connecting with people takes a bit of tact and practice. But it will help you greatly to achieve your top career.



31. Mutual aid connections

Networking isn’t for everyone, as I know from first-hand experience.
Everybody is different and you shouldn’t fall for those things that work for others (see tip 5) – especially if you’re an HSP or introvert.

You still need to build connections to others, but in such a case, they need to be meaningful ones.

Now the way I reframe networking for me is by building a mutual-aid network. This is something that I can do easily and which has much more appeal for me than just networking per se.

Your mutual-aid connections will always be the core of your larger network if you then choose to build one.

And you define also, how far you want to expand it in the end.

32. (Not) taking networking seriously

I’m not a networker. And it’s true, your career will advance easier, based on the connections you make. Knowing the right person can bring your top-career to the spotlight.

In business it’s said that a customer needs to know, like, and trust you to buy from you. That’s true for career promotions also.

So if you’re a true-blood networker and it goes with your personality, you need to go out and make as many connections as possible to build your top career. Attend networking events and connect with people. You never know who might be the right connect for your top career boost. But even then, don’t forget to add value! (see tip #36)

On the other hand, don’t force yourself to be someone who you’re not. You might have different strengths, advance from there!

For me it has proven to be way more successful to go for my passion and purpose first.

Then all the necessary opportunities will arise – without pressure and strain.
And even without networking, as nobody can beat you in your purpose!

33. Not getting a grasp on job search 2.0. 

The job market has changed significantly over the past years. So if it has been a while since you were last looking for new job opportunities, you need to adjust to the new tools and play by changed rules.

Social media like LinkedIn has totally changed the game and personal branding (see tip #7) is a must for a top career.

And in case you’re overwhelmed with today’s requirements, get professional help from a career counselor or personal brand strategist and learn how to position yourself better for your top career.


34. Chasing the money

Just doing any job to survive or choosing the one with the highest pay, means you’re chasing the money.

And with it comes a price you need to pay.
Having money as your sole focus only creates an inner void because you deprive yourself of meaning and passion.

Out of that will arise the urgent need to compensate for that – and the only way you know how to fill this inner emptiness is with even more money.
So your consumption-oriented lifestyle and money will become your only focus in a never-ending hunger for compensation.

Chasing the money will mainly affect you in 4 ways…

  1. It will dampen your spirit and your general joy in life.

  2. It will cause long-term problems for your health and state of mind.

  3. It gives you a job disadvantage, as you’ll be never as good or as passionate as others who love their job.

  4. It can also bring out worst in you causing greed due to an excessive need to fill this inner void.

So whatever choices you make, be sure to not only do it just for the money!

Instead, know who you are (here it comes again, sorry! – tip #1), go for your purpose (tip #2) and build your top career right from the start!

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35. Designations are shallow

Ideally, you should go to work for two reasons: For the fun and joy and your payment. Your salary is an exchange for the energy you invest in your company.

A designation is an easy and cheap way for the company to keep you motivated without cost.
And if you fall for it, you’ll notice within a few weeks, that it’s worthless and empty.

Even pretty, impressive, flashy designations don’t matter if they are by name only and not an actual promotion.

So do not fall for any glinting nomination, but demand the real thing, a pay raise or an actual promotion with a shift in power and responsibility in your favor.

36. Not offering real value

Speaking up and asking for what you deserve is a valuable lesson (see tip #11), especially if you provide a lot of value to your company.

But then there’s the entitlement trap too – expecting to get a promotion BEFORE you have first earned them.

It comes next to assuming that you’ll need to get a promotion first and only then you’ll perform better.

I often observed this attitude with clients who have been spoilt by their parents when they were a kid. But you’ll never make a top career this way. Actually, your parents are usually the only people who will give without asking anything back in return from you.

All other relationships are based on mutual benefit.
This means in the end, all love relationships, friendships or work connections are ultimately a barter.

I know it sounds hard, but it isn’t.
You actually should only stay in a relationship if there is something in it for you and vice versa.
Only when it’s a mutual giving and taking, when the others make us feel good, empower us, encourage us and we give them back in return, only then it’s a healthy connection.

The same is true for your career with one exception…
You always have to give first - add value, take the initiative or provide extra support - especially if you’re in for a top career.

So if you don’t get the career advancement you wish to have, try to understand why.

First, reflect if you’ve provided real value. Chances are, you might not have added as much value as you thought you were. Don’t forget, you always have to prove why you’ve earned a promotion firsthand.

Second consider if you have conveyed this value clearly (see tip #30).
Third start tooting your horn (see tip #38).

37. Not negotiating in your early-career

In addition to the previous two tips a quick addition to early-careers. Start early with your salary negotiation, as it is vital for your long-term earning process.

Chances are, the quicker you start raising your income curve, the higher your long-term earnings prospects will be.

38. Not tooting your own horn

Are you cringing when you think about self-promotion? I did. But again, reframing your perspective will help you with that too.

So here’s my pro tip: Remember when I told you to prove your worth and add value (see tip 36) first? That’s exactly what you’ll need to do!

You need to be aware of all your accomplishments first before you can strategically convey your worth.

  1. Make a list of all your achievements. Look for those that excite you the most and were the most fun for you to do.

  2. Now ask yourself, what would you like people to say about you based on these achievements? Write them down!

  3. Now choose 3 or 5 of these statements and memorize them.

  4. Next time, when you have a conversation with anyone, just mention at the appropriate time… “You know, I have experience in this field and brought these results. Let me know if I can be of service to you with XYZ!

  5. Switch according to the requirements of the situation between these 5 value statements.  Repeat them casually and when appropriate again and again. It’s that simple!

And this doesn’t mean though you have to take every change to advance your career! (see tip #20). Actually, the opposite is true!

So don’t forget to respect yourself and learn how to say politely no, while still promoting yourself!

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39. Expecting a promotion

Many factors must add up before a promotion takes place. Hard work is a prerequisite but not always enough. You also must be at the right time in the right place - the kind of synchronicity Karl Gustav Jung was speaking about.

You can work your socks off and still get nowhere. On the other hand, synchronicity and all its changes will find you if you have the proper mindset, planning, and success speaking for you.

The key element to sway synchronicity towards your wishes is your passion.

So if it doesn't work out for you right now, check how strong your passion is first!

The more you enjoy doing what you’re doing, the more vibrating your energy is. The more passionate you are, the more you’re living your purpose.
And this WILL cause things to happen in your favor.

So don’t do something just for a promotion, for money (see tip #34) or to impress others (see tip #4).
Do it for yourself!

Look for those things that spark joy for you, work hard, toot your horn in a non-obtrusive manner (see tip 29), have a bit of patience and you’re set up for next promotion to come.

If you still not getting it, make sure to meet with your boss.
Talk about the bigger picture, the perspectives in the company, and your interest to move up. Again be patient.

If you’re still not getting the promotion you deserve, follow your passion, and look for another opportunity to boost your top career.

40. Having no financial planning

Even if you have already pursued your top career, to be truly free, you need to have your financial planning in place.

It’s a bad idea not to have a financial nest egg set-aside. But the worst idea is to spend even more than you’ll earn.

Then you’ll have your overdrawn bank account to clear as an additional financial burden. This financial strain will shift your attitude and limit your choices as you’ll have a deep reliance on your paycheck.

You can’t act as freely as you wish anymore, like saying no to a task (see tip #20) because you always have your financial obligations at the back of your mind.

The lack of a healthy financial set-up will put a constant strain on you, and only the slightest turbulence in your career will shake you badly.

Then you can’t help but chase the money (see tip #34) to keep everything running. This again will cause you to make the wrong choices – not those in favor of your top career but in favor of money.

But nothing will change unless you get your finances in order and spend less then you earn.

You are only as rich and free, as the money you keep!

And to pursue your top career you need to be free to make the right choices and follow your passion!

I know this was a long article!

And even if you’ve only skimmed the topics, I want you to be clear of one thing.

To pursue your top career and let your brilliance come forth, YOU are the most important factor.

So before anything else, first understand yourself. Figure out what makes you happy and what your true strengths are.

And instead of chaseing the money or prestige, go for your passion an your purpose. And if you want me to help you, and get a fresh view on things,  I love to invite you to my Soul Purpose Inauguration Program.

To your greatness!

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