5 Business mistakes to avoid that kept me struggling for 4 years


If your business is not where you want it to be, this might be the most impactful thing you’ll read this year...


Because I could have saved myself YEARS of pain, hardship, and business trouble if I would have realized I was making these 5 completely avoidable mistakes back then.

Which had me end up frustrated and stuck, with no end in sight.

Somehow, us entrepreneurs who TRULY CARE all fall into these traps- while our ‘Overnight Competition’ has built a business that thrives and succeeds like clockwork.

They have just figured out how (or were just lucky by chance) to avoid the traps!

It’s time we level the playing field...!

With my MBA and a soft touch for Google Ads, I had found a way to grow my in-person private counseling praxis quickly.
So many were seeking help with their panic and anxiety that my waiting list grew so big, I could physically not help everyone anymore.
I simply ran out of time. (What a problem to have!)

So the idea of a new business was born…

I could take this online!
How hard could it be?!

Well, it turned out, I made every mistake in the book.

But there were 5, that were the nails in the coffin of every attempt I made…
And they still would have if I were online or offline, I realized later.

Seriously, can you make that many mistakes, after already having grown multiple businesses in the past?!

Apparently, you can!

So here's my first entrepreneur business tip and maybe my biggest revelation (of many HUGE revelations) when trying to save my new business venture…

Entrepreneur Business Tip # 1:
The core of business success isn't marketing

They say, ‘It’s customers that make a business.’

That’s the reason when most small businesses go out there and start investing in marketing, convincing customers to buy, to bring in money, and make their business thrive.

…while their owner slowly dies more every day, hoping that one day, he or she will feel fulfilled and happy.

Here is the thing:

Marketing is the engine. But the spark comes from the owner.

The more burned out, unhappy, underappreciated the owner, the smaller the flame and the slower the business will be in the long run.

If the owner dies a little every day, the business will never be what it could be.

So the CORE of business success is not a winning marketing strategy. It’s a fulfilled owner.

Do you want help with this?

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Because for some people, it’s not enough to just earn money.
It matters HOW they make it.

They need to feel like their work matters.
Like they are making a positive IMPACT in the world.

For those kinds of people, things fall into place when they follow a purpose driven strategy.

And their business grows and flourishes, the bigger their own flame!

But before I could get anywhere near the point where things became easy, I fell for another trap…

Entrepreneur Business Tip # 2:
What Works For Others Doesn’t Have To Work For You

Starting a new business venture, I was committed to learning the tools of the trade.

I bought all the books I could find on amazon.
I researched and studied my competition.
I paid and inhaled one high-level training after another.

Only to realize:

Everyone had a different approach.
And each one was promising to produce results.
But not a single one of them enabled my final breakthrough and success.

So why did it (not) happen?

I realized my mistake after quite a long time of trial and error.

So far, I had been a good student: I paid attention, asked questions, copied successful strategies, and implemented everything to a T.

But I never asked WHY?

  •  Why were they doing what they were doing?
  • Why were they teaching what they were teaching?
  • Why did it work for them?

I realized, like a fingerprint, most businesses look the same until you look closely enough.
Because like your fingerprint, your business will be unique to you.

And with that- what works for OTHERS does not necessarily have to work for YOU!

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Simplify & multiply  your business success
The next trap I got stuck in for YEARS!

Entrepreneur Business Tip # 3: Don't Get Stuck On What You Are Good At!

One advice you get everywhere is:

“Do the thing you are good at, the thing you have a lot of experience in - aka your expertise.”

Which is the fastest way to plan the rest of your life, based on the limits of your past.

No new avenues.
No new things to learn.
No new adventures.

They are basically saying - “You’ve dreamed enough.
That’s it now.
You're good at it, so stick with it!”

So the question to ask really is:

Am I planning my future based on the limits of my past?

...That would have been me staying at home, never building the business that allowed me to eventually retire my then-husband and help hundreds of families out there, whose life will never be the same.

Whose children's life will never be the same.

Whose children's children will be raised in a better world, because of the work we did, because I dug deeper into what I was truly capable of, even if I could not see it then.

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Strategies for success when feeling stuck: Hidden Potential Test

What a waste it would have been to ‘Stick with what I am good at’!

Clearly, there is so much more out there we can do, be and have than we can currently see!

But not if you keep falling out of love with your vision…

Entrepreneur Business Tip # 4: Mistaking Talent And Purpose

Starting a new business venture was my opportunity to reinvent myself:

I wanted to do what would make me feel good, what would make me happy! 

Panic and anxiety wasn’t it anymore, so I went all-in with the second most common topic in my private praxis, the thing my clients were raving about: ‘Love & Relationship’ Coaching.

Assuming, when I was following what my clients want and what I am good at, clearly I was setting myself up for success and happiness! (Or so I thought!)

So I went all-in…
And I hated it!

I started to resent going to work, the people, the business…
I was definitely NOT happy.
And NOT successful!

What did I learn?

Having a natural talent for something doesn't automatically mean that it's your calling. 

It’s just a handy tool!

But it’s not necessarily the vehicle that will bring you where you want to go or make you feel happy and fulfilled. Nor is it the thing that will make you feel like your work has meaning. 

The challenge now is learning to decipher:

Is this…

1. Something that is making things easier along the way – just a handy tool?


2. The thing I can go all-in on…
The thing that will help me build a life of meaning…
The very thing that will eventually be MY legacy?

If we continue to keep going, we might be strong in a wrong way. Nothing is amiss with high endurance but it might be time to be strong for yourself not everbody else.

One way to develop your strength and success is to look for your innate but often not so obvious success patterns in your life. The Success Pattern Finder™ will help you with that!

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Strategies for success when feeling stuck: Hidden Potential Test

Entrepreneur Business Tip # 5: In The Wrong Profession, We Would All Be Invisible.

When we aren’t getting the recognition, the success, or the sense of satisfaction with our work and life- we think it's US.

WE need to just be MORE. 

More outgoing. Louder. More assertive. More decisive. 
Better at negotiating. Better with pressure. Better with stress. 
Work harder. Longer. Driven.

But we’re forgetting: A monkey will never outswim a fish.

AND: What if you're not a monkey OR a fish… 
Maybe you’re a Butterfly, not meant to be wet and swimming upstream all day.

If you are currently feeling underappreciated, undervalued, overworked, dissatisfied with your work, and how you are spending your time…

You are most likely negotiating with monkeys...
nd trying to impress a bunch of fish...
While completely wasting your time and efforts!

Because you’ll never be ‘good enough’ for them.

And on your way TRYING to be, you’ll get farther and farther away from WHERE you want to be, WHO you want to be, and  what would make you feel PROUD and satisfied.

In fact, it’s the fastest way to be invisible in your own life.

So how do you fix this?

When you’re wasting your time and energy at the wrong places…

There is one innate function, that helps us get back on track, shine for who we really are, and become successful naturally:

Our passion.

I know, most of us have lost that along the way.
For the ones that have, I've created the 3-Day ‘find your passion for your work again’ Mini-Course!

I’ve told you about this before, and I will tell you about this again, because I know what is waiting on the other side of all these mistakes: A life of meaning, impact, and joy. 

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Find more passion for your work!

So just in case you're unhappy with your business right now, be aware that you need to act and make the right changes and adjustments!

Don't wait too long!

If you're heading in the wrong direction, going farther won't bring you closer to your goal. Nor will it give you meaning and fulfillment.

To your greatness!