5 most powerful entrepreneur business tips that get you out of meaningless work


5 Business mistakes to avoid that kept me struggling for 4 years

In case your business is not where you want it to be, this might be the most important post for you.
Because I have been there myself: Stuck, frustrated and not seeing the light at the end of the funnel.

These 5 powerful business tips are all bached up by hard-earned experience. And I'll demonstrate, based on my own story, how important they truly are.

When my story started, approximately 6 years ago, I had a very successful private counseling practice (with a waitlist filling pages), when I was starting my online coaching business.

And honestly,  I made every mistake you can imagine!
(Even though I'm holding an MBA!)

I tried one marketing strategy after the other.
Chased the latest hype, immersed myself in the classics to finally get ahead.
Neglected my counseling business out of sheer time restrictions.
Always hoping for success but still not getting the results I wished for.

My  darkest moment

It was Christmas 2016.

Carina, my oldest daughter flew from England to Vienna to spend the holidays with family.
One evening, instead of enjoying the time together…

I was sitting at my desk with tears rolling down my eyes...

Because I realized, against my tremendous effort, commitment and huge investment...

My breakup-coaching business still wasn't working.

I feared to never ever being able to break through and felt my whole existence threatened to the core.

My spark moment

Then Carina shocked me. She said:

“Mom, I don't think you should do breakup coaching. I think you should do business coaching instead!”

I was stunned, and my whole body went into alarm mode.
How could my purpose be the very thing I struggled so much with?

But she was right actually.
Building my online business and doing all the marketing is the ONE thing I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE doing.
(Way more than counseling, even though I'm really good at it!)

I just can't stop creating and building. For me it’s like playing Lego.
Each day (Monday till Saturday, and often on Sunday too) I can’t wait to start working on my computer. I even have to set my alarm so that I stop myself from working past the sleeping time.

So how could I have been so mistaken and not seeing the obvious?

Afterwit is everbody’s wit, right?

Entrepeneur business tip # 1: Marketing isn't the most important element

So here's my first entrepeneur business tip and maybe the biggest relevation (of many HUGE revelations)...

To make your business a success, you don't just need a winning marketing strategy.

For some people that might work but not for everybody.
There are those who need to know their purpose FIRST.

So they can build their business AROUND their purpose instead of finding purpose IN their business.

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For them it’s not enough to just earn money. It matters how they earn it. For them it’s important to make an impact. And even more important to be authentic and real when doing it.

Only then, when they apply all these sophisticated strategies, will everything fall into place with ease and grace.

But before I could reach this point, I fell for another trap…

Entrepeneur business tip # 2: What works for others must no work for you

After deciding to move my 1:1 one psychologic counseling to an online based business, I decided to learn the tools of the trade first.

I read zillions of instructions.
I inhaled one high-level program after the other.
Everyone had a different approach to doing things.
Each and every one was designed to produce results.
But not a single one of them enabled my final breakthrough.

Why, did it (not) happen?

Then I realized, after quite a long time of trial and error, my mistake.
I've copied their tactics but had often no clue WHY they were doing it and mostly I didn't realize how it represented WHO they are.

And what works for OTHERS must not necessarily work for ME!

The first step is to know what you're capable of and stop hiding yourself!
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Then came another trap in disguise…

Entrepeneur business tip # 3: Don't draw on your expertise only!

One advice you get everywhere is to do what you're good at and have a lot of experience in it - aka your expertise.

But what if you don’t love it?

In my private practice, I mainly offered an alternative way to let go of my clients panic and anxiety issue. But a lot of them asked me to help them with their breakup too.

So initially, I did what was recommended, drew on my expertise and offered said breakup coaching.

After all, this was one of the areas I was really good at and an expert.
But as my heart was no longer in it, I actually didn’t really want to do this kind of work anymore.

What did I learn?

Only because you have a natural talent at something doesn't, it doesn't automatically mean that it's your calling.

Expertise, knowledge, and capability are not (always) enough.

Entrepeneur business tip # 4: It's not your purpose, if you fall out of love with it

Initially in my counseling, I loved EFT and tapping 1 on1. It was exciting and I couldn’t get enough of it. I was always on the prowl to solve another blockage, another problem…

But then my love for it vanished – slowly but consistently.

This was mind-boggling because I thought I had found my purpose!
And as I had a natural knack for it and enabled stunning results, I felt obliged to continue doing it nonetheless.

But it’s not your purpose if you don’t love it. If this happens to you, don't force yourself to continue and realize…

Whenever you fall out of love with your business or work, it has only been a necessary preparation for the next big thing yet to come.

All in all, these mistakes cost me 4 years of struggling.

Entrepeneur business tip # 5: Don't hide in the wrong niche!

All in all, these mistakes cost me 4 years of struggling.

The result?
I was hiding myself in the wrong niche!

Because of all that I was invisible to “my people”.

Those people I'm here to serve.

They actually couldn't even see me, because I was hiding in an entirely different niche.

So if you want to build a business that brings you long-term happiness, wealth and success, then what you do and in what order you do it matters!

It's like baking a delicious cake – where mixing the ingredients in the right order and how you mix them matters as much as the ingredients themselves.

And one strong indicator that something is not right with your business is your lack of joy.

Joy is ALWAYS key for long-term success! And if joy is missing, it's always a sign that you need to act - better sooner than later.

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So to avoid all my mistakes...
What do you need to do instead?

Soul Based Business Recipe

So here are the steps I suggest you to do!
(Those steps that I would do, if I had to start all over again).

1. Know who YOU are:

Before you're able to identify your soul purpose,...
Before searching for a lucrative niche,...
Before learning the different tactics and strategies, you need to know who you are. (Hint: We all think we do, but usually we don’t!)

Know the real YOU.

  • The one who has a special gift to offer to the world.
  • The very thing which makes you truly unique.
  • The core inner power that ultimately makes you YOU.
  • At least acknowledge it's there,  even if you have no clue what it is.
2. Know your TRUE purpose.

And it's not enough to set aims. Nor will it suffice to define any purpose for your life. You need to grasp your essence and transmute it into your true calling.

That’s when the real shift of power happens because:

  • Your soul purpose builds your power base.
  • It is your north star and guiding light.
  • It enables success like nothing else.
  • It's the very reason why you're here.
  • And it is also the one magic ingredient enabling instant credibility and trust in the marketplace.

People notice instinctively if you're in alignment with your calling.

It will actually resonate with them at a cellular level.

They’ll know in an instant that you’re REAL.

3. Apply the RIGHT strategies

Only because a strategy works for somebody else, it doesn't mean, that it works for you.

If it's not aligned with your personality and who you are, it won’t help you live your purpose. Nor will you be authentic.

And again, people will notice.

So that's my last important entrepreneur business tip as it's very important to know, especially at the beginning!

And it doesn't matter if you're in the corporate world or pursuing your own business.

See for yourself, it not only happened to me…

It happens all of the time, like here (quora)

“I wonder how many people are like me and never know what they want, or think they do and end up following a career that doesn't suit them, that they've spent a huge portion of their life preparing for.”

As a result you end up building one venue after the other, only having to start from the beginning all over again after several months or years have passed by.

So the real challenge is not about learning new tactics or strategies but to know who you are and what your soul purpose is. And then, build your business around it!


So just in case you're unhappy with your business or career right now, be aware that you need to act and make the right changes and adjustments! Don't wait too long! If you're heading in the wrong direction, going farther won't bring you closer to your aim.

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To your greatness!