75 self-care goals for high-achievers and entrepreneurs

75 self-care goals for entrepreneurs and high achievers

Get your self-care checklist to create your personal self-care routine!

Is having self-care goals and a hard-working attitude a contradiction?

No, not necessarily!

I’m a hard worker and people constantly wonder how I manage to keep this kind of consistent output.

But even though it doesn’t look like it, beyond my high achieving attitude, I have basic self-care goals that I always stick too. They are the hidden secret why I can keep my body healthy and my output high.

Here are some of my self-care goals:

+ I always eat clean.
+ I never drink coffee but only green tea.
+ I detox my body regularly.
+ I never eat breakfast but do intermittent fasting instead.

High achievers and entrepreneurs usually have other priorities than the broad mass of people. Thus it's extremely important to have a basic set of self-care goals in place so that the whole engine that is you can run smoothly and at optimum speed.

As the right self-care allows you to replenish and nurture your mind, body, and soul.

And don’t fear to be selfish by taking care of yourself! Proper self-care isn’t an egotistical endeavor but an act of self-love.

Not taking good care of yourself won’t serve anybody! If you’re unhappy or ill, you are mostly of no real benefit to others but a mere burden to them as they have to take additional care for you!

Can you now see how you can benefit from having and applying your personal set of self-care goals?

But get wised up first on your true needs and make an afford to know yourself better.

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Be aware that if you don’t have a practical self-care plan in place, it won’t happen! So it’s best to plan in advance and if you do, the benefits are huge!

1. The Benefits of Self-Care Goals

Having proven and reliable self-care ideas at hand will benefit you manifold. It will…

  1. Boost your productivity
  2. Improve long-term health
  3. Enhance your happiness
  4. Demand respect from others
  5. Improve your social interactions

But to do that and take real care for yourself, you first have to realize your needs! Don’t just pick up any tips and apply them without a second thought. Be selective instead! As everybody is different, no set of self-care tips work for everybody. You must first know who you are and what your needs are for being able to determine what true self-care is for you!

One of the fastest ways to know yourself better is trying out new things or different ways of doing them. Below you find my list of impactful, high-value self-care goals. And also instructions on how to create a self-care development plan and daily routine.

And there are 4 rules to help you advance your self-care goals.

2. My 4 Simple Self-Care Rules

I have prepared 15 self-care goals for 5 different areas of your life. But before I list you all my gems to try out for yourself, you need to understand the underlying principle behind my approach. Here are my 4 personal self-care rules that are basically determining all my actions:

  1. Take care of your body – it’s your best friend, and you can do nothing without it. So taking care of your BFF the best way you can is, is utterly important!

  2. Always expand your comfort zone and try or learn something new – especially if it frightens you initially! I know this sounds contradictory as this doesn’t create the comfy feeling of well-being you usually associate with self-care initially. But it won’t keep you stuck in a senseless monotony and unawareness of your needs.

  3. True feel-good factor – and that’s a tricky one! You need to distinguish true nourishment from shallow short term gratification. That’s important because what offers you comfort now, must not nourish your soul or your body in reality nor will it serve you long term. Just think about the infamous ice-cream binge eating when troubled! And only true nourishment will provide positive, long-term effects for you in your life.

  4. Discover your passion and know your purpose – in my eyes, that’s the ultimate act of self-care. Knowing your purpose will not only create this bright inner feeling of happiness and joy. It will also energize and recharge your batteries. Last but not least it will also prevent you from burnout at work, being unnecessarily stressed, and settling with less than you could have had.

Not knowing and living your purpose will always keep you leaking huge amounts of energy and life force. And you can’t replenish such a huge leakage with self-care alone!


3. How To Develop A Self-Care Routine

How do you identify and improve your self-care so you can know what the best options are for you?

It’s rather simple. Here are the 5 main areas where you can start improving your self-care goals.

  1. Self-care goals for the body
  2. Self-care goals for the mind
  3. Self-care goals for the soul
  4. Social self-care goals
  5. Financial self-care goals

Each of the different topics has 15 self-care goals listed.

Chose which ones you want to try out for yourself in the next week. You also can add your own self-care ideas of course.

Now save a date in your planner and make a date with yourself. Then, after you’ve made the new experience, take a short amount of time and make a quick assessment.

Mark those on your list that made a noticeable impact and gave you more energy, more joy, or more contentment and dump the others which don’t have a significant effect.

Observe how each of the different tasks increases your feel-good factor, but be also aware of the long-term benefits! Remember, don’t just go for instant gratification!

Only keep on doing those elements on your self-care list that support your body the best, nourish your energy and give you good feelings. Out of these you then build your continuous self-care routine.

To create a structured plan to both care for and improve yourself as well as boost your success and productivity, you first need to know yourself. One way to achieve that is to uncover your hidden potential.

4. Self-Care Goals For The Body

  1. MORNING DETOX: Use an ayurvedic tongue scraper. It’s cheap and easy, but so useful! It detoxes your mouth after sleep and takes all the bad breath away.

  2. EXCHANGE OILS: Exchange cheap oils with healthy ones. That’s an upgrade that can be done easily but will provide you with many benefits for your body and health!

  3. EXCHANGE ONE FOOD: Exchange one unhealthy food per day with a healthy alternative. Look for alternatives that bring you the same end result – like satisfy your desire for something sweet – but in an alternative and healthier way. Eg. Instead of eating a cake, switch to a fruit salad. Or refrain from eating chocolate but try out cocoa beans instead.

  4. WALKING: Move your body every day. 6000 steps is a worthy, daily aim. Use an app for counting the steps.

  5. NO ELEVATOR: Take the stairs instead of the elevator

  6. DAILY WORKOUT SPLITS: Try different workouts at home. Split your favorite 1-hour long workout into 6 parts of 10 minutes so you can do them quickly and on a daily basis.

  7. STRONG CORE: Strengthen your core and love life with pelvic floor exercises, as a strong core also boosts your financial success in business. My tip: Layla Martin

  8. CANDLE-LIGHT DETOX: Take a candlelight bath to calm down but also add alkaline bath salts to detox at the same time.

  9. THE CLASSICS: Follow the classic self-care goals like drinking enough water, having enough sleep, or eating clean. Start with the one that can be easiest done!

  10. COSMETICS UPGRADE: Go through your self-care cosmetics and exchange the ones based on mineral oil basis with natural cosmetic products.

  11. CUSTOM-TAILORED EXERCISE: Try out new physical activities each day for a month to identify what are your favorites! Even if you’re not keen on sports, you still have one that you’ll love doing. It may be just be buried and you might not even know it!

  12. OUTFIT GALLERY: 30-day outfit challenge. Make a commitment to wearing something new each day. Every day create a new outfit with something you haven’t worn before or now use it in a different combination. Then take a photo of yourself and add it to your outfit-catalog on your phone. After a month you've got an amazing tool at your fingertips to instantly feel amazing.

  13. SUN TIME: Take time to go into the sun for 15 minutes a day. It enlivens your spirit and your body.

  14. SELF-MASSAGE: Love a good massage? Indulge in a self-massage! Flavor almond oil with some essential oils and treat yourself with a little rubdown on your neck, hands, or feet. Or get one of these amazing self-massagers.

  15. COOK A MEAL: Cook a warm meal at least once a week for yourself. And if you don’t know how to cook, start learning it! You’ll never eat as healthy in a restaurant as if you cook for yourself!

5. Self-Care Goals For The Mind

  1. SOMETHING NEW: Try to learn something new or set out to do something different every day. E.g. If you always eat marmalade, try honey on your bread. Or instead of moving the same route to your work chose another way.

  2. READING: Read 10 min every day in a nonfiction book of your interests.

  3. NEW LANGUAGE: Learn a new language for 15 minutes each day. My tip is Duolingo. It’s easy to use, there’s a free version, and it’s fun!

  4. SWITCH WORDS: Use switch words to fine-tune yourself for success and more happiness in your life.

  5. TRUE DESIRES: Explore what you really want in life. Observe your daily tasks and analyze how much fun they truly are, your contentment afterward, and also your energy level.

  6. PLANNING: Make plans for your life and set yourself goals! They give you focus and direction. And you won’t reach your goals if you don’t make them!

  7. PURPOSE: Search for your purpose. Not only will it give you more meaning, joy, health, and wealth! Your true purpose is also your absolute success guarantee. Nothing can beat you in this!

  8. CLARITY ENHANCEMENT: Enhance a clear mind by bringing clarity and simplicity to your life. E.g. Organize your papers, declutter your apartment, or just empty your handbag. Make a declutter plan and stick to it every day.

  9. QUALITY TIME WITH YOURSELF: Spent quality time with yourself without television, mobile phone, social media, or radio. Just with relaxing music, a cup of tea and yourself.

  10. MEDITATION: Meditate each day! But first, make sure it’s the perfect meditation for your personality type. There are so many different mediations out there, try them out, one each day, then chose the one you truly love doing. Never force yourself but pick the one that comes naturally to you. Then keep doing it every day!

  11. FOCUS: Practice awareness and focus. Sit down for 5 minutes and put your whole focus on a single object or task for the next 5 minutes, e.g., like drinking a glass of wine. Be very conscious about how it tastes, how it feels when you swallow it, or how it smells.

  12. TED TALK: Watch a TED talk to inspire and uplift you.

  13. UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF: Understand yourself better. Every evening write down your main feelings you had during the day and then start the why chain. Each answer you give, second-guess again with another why. Do this until you have no answers left anymore.

  14. FIX THINGS:Whatever small annoyance you have at home, fix them! Be it a dead lightbulb or a missing screw – whatever is broken and needs repair, take your time to fix it and get it out of your mind.

  15. BRAINDUMP: Sit and jot everything down which is on your mind. Create a master bucket list where you list everything that you can think of. This will instantly free your mind. The next step then is to sort things out and then start doing the relevant ones. If there are too many things on your master list which you don’t love doing, then it’s a warning sign! Here’s a FREE 3-Day Mini Course to get clear on what might not be right with your business.

6. Self-Care Goals For The Soul

  1. POSITIVE LANGUAGE: Positivity challenge – for one week or any specific amount of time, commit yourself to only use positive language. Chose empowering words with a positive vibration. E.g. Instead of “That’s bad!” use “That’s not good!” Reformulate your whole vocabulary!

  2. MENTAL HYGIENE: Accept your feelings but don’t let them imprison you! Use bullet journal prompts or self-therapy to clear out negative emotions. If you get stuck alone, don’t be too proud to ask for professional help.

  3. CREATIVITY: Start painting or anything creative. Again try out different creative techniques – you might even find a new hobby!

  4. KINDNESS TO YOURSELF: Be kind to yourself and start to speak to yourself in a positive, supportive tone instead of beating yourself up! Take time each day and measure your results.

  5. BAD DAY BACKUP PLAN: Write a bad day backup list with things to do when you are feeling really low. So that you have it ready when you need it!

  6. SHOULD AND MUST BAN: Eliminate any shoulds or musts from your language. Put your focus on using only words that inspire and uplift you.

  7. TAPPING: Learn EFT on Youtube. Then you have a powerful self-help tool when an emotional uproar happens.

  8. MANIFESTATION: Create a manifestation box and use it daily!

  9. DECLUTTER: Declutter wherever possible and make a plan for it! Do it 15 minutes a day or each weekend. Decluttering lets you breath freer and helps you to let go – both of emotional baggage as well as just the mess in your house.

  10. DEEP TALK: Open up to your friends and loved ones and share your feelings in a deep talk – even if this might be scary initially. Make a list of people you value in your life, call them or meet them in person and open up yourself. Share something valuable or even scary. But don’t wait for the other to start, open up first!

  11. DAILY ROUTINE: Develop a daily routine and track it!

  12. STRENGTH LIST: Create a strength list and make it several pages long! Take time each day to reflect your current day and add those things you feel good about or where others compliment you.

  13. BOOST YOUR PLANNING: Your plans are more likely to succeed if you add a health connection as your subconscious mind is programmed to preserve your health and well-being. Write down all your plans with the health-addon.

  14. INSPIRATION: Search the internet for inspirational quotes that touch you. Print them out for your daily inspiration and hang them around your home or office.

  15. NO GUILT TRIPS: Stop any guilt-trips! Observe where you’ve taken on too much or too little responsibility. Focus on taking the right responsibility instead of guilt so you'll not carry the wrong burden.

7. Social Self-Care Goals

  1. SPACE TO RECHARGE: Respect how you need to recharge your batteries. It will differ depending on if you’re an extrovert or introvert. Define if you need more time socializing or more time for yourself alone to replenish your energy. Make a plan to how give you more of what you need.

  2. GIVERS & TAKERS: Define the givers and the takers in your life. Make two lists and identify who is taking too much without giving anything back in return. Learn to say no or keep your distance.

  3. STANDARDS: Get clear on your standards in life. Identify those things you can accept and tolerate and also define these things that are non-negotiable for you.

  4. BOUNDARIES: If boundaries are your weak point, start with setting small, easily attainable boundaries. They shouldn’t be a far stretch for you, but just tiny steps. Also, don’t go for the most important things first, but rather start with unimportant ones. Once you’ve mastered the easy ones, then it’s time to go for the biggies!

  5. RECONNECTION: Reconnect with an old friend and reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

  6. SAY NO: If you have difficulty with it, learn how to say NO. Make it a challenge each day to at least say no to somebody at least once, even if you wouldn’t mind doing something. Do it just for the learning experience as it will train your “boundary muscles”. Again, start with the unimportant things first.

  7. DEMAND RESPECT: Getting respect is sooo important! Learn to demand respect from others. If people don’t treat you respectfully, either leave or set clear boundaries.

  8. SUPPORT YOURSELF: Give yourself all the support you need. (But don’t abuse your friends for it!) Search for support groups or seek out a coach or therapist for help.

  9. SOCIAL MEDIA: Purge Social Media and unfriend people with a negative attitude or all those “fake” friends who you never or rarely have spoken to.

  10. GRATITUDE: Next to writing your gratitude list, which is always a good idea, call each day another friend, tell him why he or she is important to you, and thank him for being in your life.

  11. QUALITY TIME: Make a plan to spend quality time with your best friends. But make your choice based on what is important to them (not only what you want to do)!

  12. LOVE LANGUAGE: Identify the love language of the most important people in your life and learn how to speak in their language to make them feel valued and cherished.

  13. SPA DAY – Make a spa day at home with your best friend. Relax together and enjoy the company.

  14. DATE YOURSELF! Treat yourself and make it a special time. Celebrate it! Whatever you like to do – taking yourself out for ice cream, go for a movie or visit your favorite places – do itconsciously and with intention! The aim is not only to spend the time but to be with yourself and to enjoy it!

  15. GOOD VIBES: Only surround yourself with people who make you feel good – while you are with them and also afterwards when you’ve separated. If you constantly feel bad during or after meeting them, check if they are toxic.

8. Financial Self-Care Goals

  1. PAY YOURSELF FIRST: Whether you’re getting a paycheck or have an income as an entrepreneur, make sure to pay yourself first. The best way is to automatically debit your bank account at the beginning of the month before you have to pay all your bills.

  2. MONEY MAGNET: The aim is to set aside a specific monthly amount, again at the beginning of the month. But it’s money you shall never spend! Its sole purpose is to help you grow your abundance as it constantly attracts even more money into your life.

  3. LIVING WITHING YOUR MEANS: Decide to stop living beyond your means. Debt limits your freedom and choices. Track your expenses and evaluate what you truly need. And don’t overspend on unimportant things.

  4. SWITCH WORDS: Boost your money mindset and erase negative money believes with switch words.

  5. FINANCIAL GOALS: Set financial goals and make a plan how to achieve them.

  6. ORDER: Get your finances in order. Organize your financial papers and get a clear overview of your monthly payments and when they are due.

  7. INVOICES: Pay your invoices on time! Not only will it save you from unnecessary charges but give you peace of mind.

  8. BOOST YOUR MINDSET: Read “Lucky Ritch Bitch” to change your attitude towards money. And if you’re an entrepreneur, also read “Profit First”!

  9. INVEST IN YOURSELF: Don’t hesitate to invest in yourself, but only do it to boost your skills and your knowledge. Driving a fancy car doesn’t count as an investment!

  10. BUDGET SPREADSHEET: Create a monthly budget spreadsheet for clarity.

  11. AUTOMATE: Automate as much as possible your financial obligations, so you don’t have to take care of it constantly.

  12. MINDSET: Do special money mindset-meditations to raise your vibration and create more abundance in your life.

  13. SPENDING HABITS: Make a list of all the things you bought in the last 4 weeks. Then rate how much contentment they brought you. Observe where you spend the most and which is the most rewarding stuff. Awareness is key!

  14. WEAK SPOT: Everybody has it - the one area in your life where you spend an unproportional amount of money. –That’s usally something very important to you so one can count that you’ll always stump up money for it. It’s easy to overspend here, as you’re used to spending a lot, even if the additional benefit to you is only marginal. Identify your weak spot and get aware of the dynamics so you can implement more conscious spending decisions.

  15. MONEY CEILING: Again everybody has it - an invisible money ceiling. It’s the amount of money where you feel comfortable with at the moment and it’s difficult to go beyond it. Hint: Observe your bank account and see where your balance usually settles. Once you’re aware of it you can now stop self-sabotaging yourself and adhering to this mental limitation. Track the thoughts that keep you stuck to enhance your awareness level.

So here are my 75 self-care goals for entrepreneurs and high achievers!

Keep in mind, the better you know yourself, the better you can take care of yourself.

And the best way to know yourself is the Soul Purpose Inauguration group coaching program, where you not only identify your true purpose but learn how to build a profitable business out of it.
I love to see you inside!

To your greatness!