About Me

My mission is to assist you in becoming who you’re supposed to be by discovering your particular gifts so that you can step up and access your unique brilliance in business and life in general.
So it’s all about being brilliantly true to who you are!

H i, I’m Nimue!

When I was stuck in my business, it didn’t help, having an MBA, nor did my license in psychological counseling or my knowledge of EFT help getting out of the maze I was trapped in.

I invested an enormous amount of money and an enormous amount of time, and it still felt like walking through quicksand. I was still getting nowhere. And I was still stuck. This lasted for two very long and really hard years.

So how did I get out of this stuckness finally?

Let me tell you, my story. But before I do, I’ll give you some cornerstones about me:

  • MBA of the University of Economy & Commerce in Vienna
  • Licensed life & social counselor
  • Tapping expert & trainer, 12 years in private practice.
  • Various of spiritual studies: 10 years with Korean Buddhist Master, 4 years with an Indian Master, 20+ years various seminars & trainings in the personal growth & development niche
  • Living in Vienna, Austria
  • Mother of 4 gorgeous kids and 3 charming cats

Here are my Pograms

Being in alignment with your gifts, your soul, and your service is the essence of an authentic and blissful biz. Once you are, magic can happen!

Want a biz that is brilliantly true to you?


I believe, that all of us have a special purpose to fulfill our soul-mission on earth. Usually, this task is supported by special gifts, that enable us to follow this task. Here are mine…


I believe that there is something greater than us and more than we just see.  Reality, as we perceive it, is not real, but usually defined by our own self-imposed limitations. Real magic happens once we’re able to transform those blockages because then there are actually no limits. Empowering you to make this transformation happen, that’s one of my strong suits.


Sometimes I just know things, which comes handy when people get stuck emotionally. Very often I have clients exclaim “How did you know this?” Which I mostly cannot explain, except that I’m a very good listener, quite empathic and intuitive. Quite probably it has a lot to do with being an HSP (highly sensitive person), which I discovered only recently.


One of my gifts is selecting relevant information, extracting it and then teach it in a way that is compelling and easy to understand. My clients swear by this as it comes very handy with the “intangable” psychological stuff! Due to my deep thirst for knowledge, it can happen, that you find me reading several books at once. Furthermore, I really love teaching and working with groups. That’s when I run up to full power.

Discover how to get UNSTUCK in business right now!


My Story

How it started

When my youngest daughter was nearly 2 years old, I started my first online biz in 2000. Together with my ex-husband, we developed an online event magazine for parents. We helped parents find places and events to spend a great time with their kids, and we sold it once it was established in Austria and Germany. (It still exists till today!)

Because as much as I loved creating and building it, over time it lacked meaning for me and I wanted to serve in more depth and have an bigger impact on peoples lives.

Psychological Counseling

After the sale of mamilade I started my new EFT practice and became a holistic coach, as well as a licensed life & social counselor. I worked extensively with 1:1 clients and offered alternative support for panic attacks and all kind of fears for 12 years. Additionally I also trained other health care professionals in EFT/tapping. As much as I loved what I was doing, I started resenting my limited income potential due to time. And slowly I started falling out of love with tapping too.

More and more, I was missing my creativity and the creation process after 10 years of working 1:1, as well the possibility to scale my business.

The Tigress

Part of my personal growth and spiritual journey brought me to India, where I learned old Vedic healing principles. While meditation, I often “saw” a tigress. After my last journey to India, this mesmerizing cat found a way to come “alive” in my paintings. My ex-boyfriend, one of the best salespeople I know, helped me with arranging exhibitions. Then the unexpected happened: Even if I had three written agreements, with major museum in Austria, not a single exhibition took place!

But if I’m honest, I always loved creating something beautiful, but deep inside me, I knew it wasn’t my real calling, even if I tried hard to make it mine.

Breakup Coaching

In 2016 I focused on breakup coaching only. Here I was confident to deliver an amazing transformation and knew there was a market. So it was quite a rational decision. And while others (in same coaching program) were making profits (4 or 5 figures) right from the beginning, I invested 5,5 k (research & advertising) while selling 99,- $. The next approach again, zero sales. Nobody of the marketing experts I asked could tell me, why it didn’t work.

This was when my real struggling phase began. It took me 2 years to finally figure out, why it didn’t work.

The magical transformation

That’s me, filming for the Biz Success Scan. Once I finally figured out, why I was stuck, everything became easier. Then I also realized why it was so hard to grasp – it was not a single piece but several essential elements, that were not working together: beyond them were a huge mindset problem, (just some old childhood stuff) which I would have never guessed after 12 years of tapping, the wrong motivation, an unstable foundation, just to name some of them…

But once I realized my missing links, the magic happend and everything fell into place. 

My big take away:

Especially, if you’re multi-talented, it’s imparative that you find your core position. That’s the precious place, where everything flows naturally together, so that you’re able to express your unique brilliance fully!

And it’s also the very spot, where it’s the most inspiring and fun to be too!

I believe in…

I always think it’s important to know the “WHY” that lies behind our actions.
These are my very own motivations, the very special ones, that motivate me and guide my deeds.


If there is one thing, that motivates me every day, then it’s my burning need to grow and learn and become the best possible version of myself and help other people achieve it too. I believe, that you can indeed make your dreams come true, the more audacious, the greater the inspiration, the better they are.


I Have a deep longing for creating beauty. Not only do I love to create new things, I always have the urge to transform them in a way that makes their inner and outer beauty shine – be it people, websites or paintings. I just can’t help it! That’s also the reason why I love designing and branding so much.


I have been a student of a Buddist master for 10 years, worked with an Indian master for over 3 years, am mediating since my early 20ies and have undergone numerous spiritual and personal development trainings. While I’m deeply convinced, that there is a higher force guiding us, I’ll never force my belief onto others.


From my early childhood on I was discriminated by my narrow-minded parents for being a girl. Not only had I less While I had to work hard for every achievement, my brother just profited from the status quo. That’s why I’m so eager to support women in stepping up to their full power.

Do you think there are limits?
I believe they are in our heads only!

My Family

 I’m absolutely proud of my beautiful, amazing children – two daughters and two sons. Nine point nine times out of ten we just have a real good time together. In my opinion, they are the best kids in the world!


This pic was taken at my birthday trip to Naples and the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Some Of My Paintings

In summer 2016 I stopped painting in order to focus on my online coaching program. But in no way have I given up painting completely! I have so many ideas that are just waiting to get realized! One of my next art projects will be a children book series about a little tigress.
Here are some of my most favorite paintings to get an impression.


Tigress Ariana

Title: “Break Free”
Size: 100 cm x 140 cm
Series: “Pure”



Title: “Longing”
Size: 60 cm x 70 cm
Series: “Pure”


Tigress Sona

Title: “Do What You Do”
Size: 100 cm x 140 cm
Series: “Pure”


Tigress Vroni

Title: “Departure”
Size: 110 cm x 160 cm
Series: “Metamorphosis”


Tigress Cecilia

Title: “Lion Heart”
Size: 220 cm x 125 cm
Series: “Metamorphosis”


Tigress Bärbl

Title: “Freedom”
Size: 110 cm x 160 cm
Series: “Metamorphosis”