Afraid of copycats? How to prevent them from stealing!


Are you afraid of copycats? I was.
But I only realized shortly that nobody can just "steal me".

So this is a real female issue, but since a seminar in April, I have this crazy thing going on between another woman and me. I percieve her as quite needy of attention admiration. Whatever the reason might be, she started to copy and imitate the way I dress.

And this was irritating for me. A part of me had empathy, but on the other side, it's no fun watching your fashion-ghost moving around you. (I told you it's girl-stuff, sorry!)

She started buying a glitter dress and a lot of sparkly, shiny things - hoping for the same effect I'm having when wearing this kind of clothes.

(Well I don' have hard facts to proof this though, it's just a knowing... But even if I might be wrong this teaching nonetheless still applies to many everyday sitations.)

But there is one core element she's missing althogether.

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We are very different in our core energy.
So instead of embracing her nature and being true to herself she just imitates my style but doesn't understand why I do the things I do.
So blind imitation hadn't the same effect for her as it did for me.

And as irritating her behavior initially was, this realization made me totally relaxed about the subject.
On the surface, she has success with this strategy.
Her dresses are beautiful, and she gets a lot of compliments for them.

Then it sounds like “Oh what a beautiful dress you have...” “Look how sparkly it is, amazing!...

When I wear something similar, people made complements like “Wow, you're looking good!” or “You're stunning!

Can you grasp the fine difference?

She gets compliments, as much as I do.
But if I dress like this, people see me. When she wears something similar, people see the dress.
The first time, it's about the person, the second time it's about the object.

What empowers me and lets people see who I am, makes them fall for the shiny object syndrome in her case. There is no depth. There is not authenticity. And for sure there is no long-lasting impression.

The same is true if for copycats who only copy and imitate your content, your knowledge or your products.

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We learned through imitation when we were a baby. So learning this way is ingrained into every cell of our body. And this is what many marketing gurus out there tell you to do too: To observe successful entrepreneurs and to copy what they did.

It makes sense if you look at it superficially.
But I tell you it's not enough. Not when you're grown up.
Not if you have a mission to accomplish and your calling to fulfill.

I know, because I made this mistake too.
Whenever I saw people succeed in my field, I tried to emulate what they did.
But I had no real success with it.
Because what works for me, might not work for you!
Not only because you persue a different strategy behind it.
But because we are different in our essence.

We are different up to a point that nobody else is the same like you.
Nobody process information like you do.
Nobody has the same combination of strengths and abilities.
Nobody operates in the same way you do.
Nobody expresses herself as you do.

So what makes you you?

You are a complex combination of many different elements and because of that nobody does the things exactly the way you do them.

Well, how does this apply to copycats?

The thing is if you know who you are then everything you do has your unique flavor to it.
A unique glow that's just so you.
It's your timbre reflecting your core essence.
And nobody can steal that from you,...
...this uniqueness, this specialness.

So, if you're standing in your power, you do not need to fear copycats.
They can never take this unique essence away from you.
Because only you have it.

Even if they copy you, it won't have the same effect and people will notice. Maybe not short-term but long-term it will show.

When you own your brilliance, then your unique flavor will be visible in everything you do.
The specific way you operate will add your individual glow to everything you do.

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Owning your brilliance means also, you're being seen.

And quite often, the fear of copycats is not only about them stealing from you but more about becoming visible and stop hiding yourself.

At least this was the case for me.

I was always afraid of somebody stealing my knowledge and use it for their material benefits. But the irony is, it really caused me a financial loss. Though it was not because of copycats but because of my hiding. And as my people couldn't find me, I was thus stealing from myself in the end – all the success and influence I longed to have to make a real impact in the world.

So in the end, copycats are usually not the real problem instead it's knowing yourself and allowing yourself to be seen.

“I'm into emulation, not imitation.”

-- Chuck Inglish

In order to reach, not only your marketing aims, you need not only to imitate but to emulate others.
It's about matching or even surpassing them.
And you can only do this if you're true to who you are.

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To your greatness!