How to make change in life easy

How to embrace change

6 Mind hacks to make change in life easy We all know, change is a part of life, and who is not growing, is dying and all of those other, very smart sounding instagram change quotes. If we are honest … Read More

Why happiness is key to win in business

Success mindset hack: Why happiness is key to win in business

The secret ingredient to build wealth and increase success Are you truly happy with your business? Or are you secretly loathing the work you’re doing? We often think we need to put up with life’s demanding challenges so that we … Read More

75 self-care goals for high-achievers and entrepreneurs

75 self-care goals for entrepreneurs and high achievers

Get your self-care checklist to create your personal self-care routine! Is having self-care goals and a hard-working attitude a contradiction? No, not necessarily! I’m a hard worker and people constantly wonder how I manage to keep this kind of consistent … Read More

How to boost your value and top career by saying no


Avoid making the wrong top career choices …and a super elegant way to circumvent snubbing your boss or your colleagues. Why can taking on too many changes actually endanger your top career? Usually, the common belief is that you need … Read More