7 steps why you learned to live somebody else’s purpose and how to stop it.

I often dreamed about my graduation. In my mind I had a clear picture of myself, holding my Master’s degree, beaming with joy, elation, and proudness. It was very different though when it actually happened. I still remember sitting there and getting honored,… The reason I ended up with an MBA was due to my geography teacher. I was enthralled … Read More

How to unleash the magic of your vision board

It isn’t easy to get accepted to the Military Academy in Austria. The selection process is hard. But my son set his heart on it. And he made it happen. But I didn’t realize how much the vision board we created two years ago on New Year’s Eve supported his dreams. It only started dawning on me when he insisted … Read More

Afraid of copycats? How to prevent them from stealing!

So this is a real female issue, but since a seminar in April, I have this crazy thing going on between another woman and me. I percieve her as quite needy of attention admiration. Whatever the reason might be, she started to copy and imitate the way I dress. And this was irritating for me. A part of me had … Read More

3 pitfalls why your people won’t find you even if you do heavy marketing.

So my people, those I’m here to serve, weren’t able to find me. No wonder my business wasn’t thriving. How do you know if you’re NOT showing up authentically in the marketplace? And what can you do against it? Usually, two main clues are making it rather easy to identify if you’re out of tune with yourself. You either feel … Read More

How to Turn a Vanilla Existence into a Red-Hot Infatuation with your Life


But in the end, vanilla equals mediocrity. Accessing red-hot passion equals ingenious brilliance. In hindsight, not a single one of the now famous people of the past was vanilla. Think of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Madame Curie, Abraham Lincoln… They might have had different or even difficult personalities, but not one of them was vanilla. Each one of them was brilliant … Read More