How to protect your business success from your friends

Business success - how other might negatively influence it

Business success – how others might negatively influence it Yesterday my client, frustrated with his business success, accused his friend of limiting him. He was feeling blocked by him. Like he was intentionally holding him back from reaching his big … Read More

How to create a vision board that works

How to create a vision board that works

It isn’t easy to get accepted to the Military Academy in Austria. Luckily it did work for him so well. So how can you make your vision board work for you too? Making a vision board is not just a … Read More

Struggling with reaching your goals?

These are our inner protectors. They can make us freeze and become an immobile ice-statue in the middle of the Sahara within seconds. That’s how strong their power is on us. Then, instead of supporting us reaching our goals, they … Read More