Why a marketing strategy won’t make you happy!

Why business strategies are not enough

4 mistakes that repelled success for 4 years It was Christmas 2017. I was sitting at my desk with tears rolling down my eyes… Because I realized, against my tremendous effort, commitment and huge investment… My breakup-coaching business still wasn’t … Read More

How to protect your business success from your friends

Business success – how others might negatively influence it Yesterday my client, frustrated with his business success, accused his friend of limiting him. He was feeling blocked by him. Like he was intentionally holding him back from reaching his big … Read More

How to create a vision board that works

How to create a vision board that works

It isn’t easy to get accepted to the Military Academy in Austria. Luckily it did work for him so well. Making a vision board is not just a one stroke of intent and then it solves all your problems as … Read More