How to make change in life easy

How to embrace change

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Why happiness is key to win in business

Success mindset hack: Why happiness is key to win in business

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75 self-care goals for high-achievers and entrepreneurs

75 self-care goals for entrepreneurs and high achievers

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How to boost your value and top career by saying no


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How to stop mediocrity and discover your passion for life

Let’s talk about red-hot passion… The one that keeps you awake at night, because you can’t wait to get it fulfilled. The one giving you delicate shivers just thinking about it. But red-hot passion comes at a price. It’s definitely … Read More

5 most powerful entrepreneur business tips that get you out of meaningless work


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10 Strategies for success – what to do when feeling stuck in business!


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Vision boards for business: How to create a vision board that boosts your success


Unleash the power of a vision board – be it in business or private life It isn’t easy to get accepted to the Military Academy in Austria. The selection process is hard. But my son set his heart on it. … Read More