Vision boards for business: How to create a vision board that boosts your success


Unleash the power of a vision board - be it in business or private life

It isn’t easy to get accepted to the Military Academy in Austria.

The selection process is hard.
But my son set his heart on it.
And he made it happen.
But I didn’t realize how much the vision board we created two years ago on New Year’s Eve supported his dreams.
It only started dawning on me when he insisted on making one again on this year, as he said, it was a vital part of making this dream of come true.

Luckily it did work for him so well.

But it didn’t happen by accident.
He made it work.

So how can you make your vision board work for you too?

There are no fixed rules on how to create your vision board.
But there are principles to create a vision board with magic and power.

Ignoring these principles might be the reason why your vision board will have less impact on you and your life.

Making a vision board is not just a one stroke of intent and then it solves all your problems as well as makes all your dreams come true.

But if done right,…
If you know how to unfold its power,…
It can be a miraculously useful visualization tool and success booster for you.

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Initially I thought, I was not trying hard enough.
Or not knowing enough.
So I bought courses after courses and learned tactics after tactics, combined them into strategy after strategy.

Again it didn't work.
Every single time when I thought I had it, it I still didn't sell anything.

I knew, I was missing something, but had no clue what it was.

If I'm honest, at my lowest point, I even thought there must have been a curse or something like it.

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 vison board that works workbook

The 5 biggest stumbling blocks when creating vision boards

So first, let’s cover the 5 biggest stumbling blocks when creating and implementing the power of vision boards. And which you might face too.

1. You weren’t able to access their power

What's the point in making a vision board if it doesn't actually help you, right? So to get this right is most important! And I'm going to show you all the exact steps to make them work.

2. You dreaded the time.

You never even started a vision board because the creation can be quite time-consuming. So you'll also learn how to speed up the creation phase.

3. You feel overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start or how to put everything together.

I simplified my version of vision board creation for exactly this purpose. You'll get all the exact steps for the sleek vision board version.

4. You feel confused by them

I was there too – but I found a simple, neat trick to avoid that too.

5. You don’t like their rough-unpolished looks

Hey, I’m not joking this was REALLY a problem for me! And yes, I show you how to beautify them also with a simple trick!

So all these challenges I encountered myself. Vision boards were confusing, time-consuming and ineffective for me.

On the other hand though, is their ovious and amazing power. And to access it, I created the sleek vision board.

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Vison board that works workbook

So, why will a vision board if done right, speed up your success?

Vision Board Principle #1: FOKUS

“What you focus on expands.”

Your vision board can be your sacred space that brings your dreams and wishes into life. The reason why this works is simple:

TIP #1: Keep your focus

So when you create a vision board and place it in a space where you see it often, it helps you keep your focus and activates your subconscious mind to assist you with this goal. You can even multiply its effectiveness by doing short visualization exercises throughout the day.

Vision Board Principle #2: INSPIRATION

Everything you put on your vision board must give you a good feeling or even better excites you! Vanilla is not

TIP #2: good vibes only

So whenever you look at your vision board, it should uplift you and your energy. It must give you a boost or turn on the longing of your heart. The images must create a strong, positive feeling in you.

If you feel negativity, lack or pressure for whatever reason, change the image and/or work on your mindset!

This is ESSENTIAL!!! Because everything you focus on will come to life – the abundance and good vibes as well as the lack and scarcity.

Vision Board Principle #3: PLANNING

TIP #3: Make a concrete plan

You need a plan. Without it, you won’t see the possibilities arising in front of your very eyes. And you lack direction.

TIP #4:  Make it simple

You don’t need to have all the details of your plan set yet, as you might find even better solutions in the future because of your vision board.
But you should see the first 3 steps you can take so you can get active fast.

TIP #5: Write them down

Don't just think about your aims and dreams, write them down! A written aim is more powerful than one just made up in your mind.

If you still want to top it, then handwrite your goals instead of typing them. It will connect you on a deeper level with your dreams and aspirations.

Vision Board Principle #4: ACTION

A vision board can help you. A lot!
But it won’t do the work for you.

I can help you keep your focus.
It can fuel you with inspiration and vision.
It can help you attract the right circumstances and people.
But you still have to do act and do the necessary work!

If you’re dreaming about owning a new business…
Just fantasizing alone isn’t enough.
Just looking on your vision board is neither enough.
It won’t get created all by itself.

TIP #6: Take inspired action

To make it work, you need to put in the effort to create what you want.

So a vision board can make your journey easier and more successful.
But in the end, it’s effectiveness depends on you!

Only if you combine your visualization with an aligned action,  you’ve found the secret key to unfold your vision boards magic. Then you can bring everything on it to life.

So a clear, trackable plan and is essential to make your vision board work. Want to know how to make your vision board a success too?
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 vison board that works workbook

Vision board principle #5: STRUCTURE

There are numerous ways to make a vision board. I tried many of them and too often I got stuck in the middle. With the traditional approach to vision boards you:

1. determine your aims for the most essential areas of your life: relationships, business, finances, family, travel, personal growth, education, health, living, social life, community,…

2. then you write them all down and state shortly how you want these areas to look like.

3 . Then you start searching for images.

And this can be quite a lot.
At least it was always for me.
Too much to focus on.
Too much overwhelm.

I need clarity, structure, and simplicity.
That’s how my brain works.

And this brings me to my next rule:

TIP #7: The less, the better

So my approach wit the Sleek Vision Board is more simplistic and consists of 4 parts:

1. Theme word:

I choose a theme word for the year. This is an easy but powerful way to set intentions for the new year. It’s a word or even phrase that best describes what you want to experience throughout the coming year. For me, this year’s word is "TRUST" for me.

Once you decided on your them word, you top it up by choosing a picture that represents it. That’s the first part of your vision board.

2. Gratitude for what I got:

Now I write down 3 elements I’m thankful for from the past year
This should be rather easy, but don’t estimate it’s power! Gratitude for what you already have gotten is a booster for everything that you want to attract in your life! And it will also amplify your good feelings which is essential to make it work.

Once you decided on the three topics of your gratitude, start choosing pictures representing them. That’s the second part of your vision board.

3. What I want:

Then I determine 3 topics that I want to achieve

Make it quick and simple. Too many aims create overwhelm. By just focusing on the 3 major ones first, you start powerfully and set a clear focus.

For this section, you need to plan two rows. One for the elements “in the flow”. One for the images you’re about to create momentum.

Once you’ve achieved your aims or notice that things start flowing in this area, you can add another topic.

Then you simply move the corresponding image to another part of the vision board (the flow area) or you add it to the gratitude part of your board if you have achieved it. To be able to move the image around it’s helpful to use a removable dispenser.

4. Inspiration:

Leave space for 3 images that you stumble upon in the magazines and that inspire you but can’t name why. That’s your last section!

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 vison board that works workbook

Vision board principle #6: PREPARATION

You can spend hours to put your vision board together. Because browsing through the wrong magazines can really time-consuming. How long it will actually take depends on one thing mostly.  The right preparation and the available images to work with.

Thus choosing the right magazines is crucial to being able to quickly finish your vision board. And obviously it can’t support your dreams if it’s not finished!

Usually you won’t find inspiring images in cooking magazines (unless you dream about becoming a chef or opening your own restaurant) nor in the high end fashion and celebs magazines (unless you look for dresses and jewelry) So my suggestion is to use magazines that focus on spirituality or inspiration (like Light Of Consciousness, More To Life). They usually have
more usable images in them.

TIP #8: Variety of magazines:

Choose a variety of magazines with different topics like travel, inspirational, traditional coverage (e.g. Time magazine). This way your changes are higher you can cover all of your goals.

TIP #9: Collect in advance

Start collecting these magazines before you need them, so you have enough variety. You can even ask your friends and family to donate old ones to you. This way you are prepared and fully stocked once you start with your vision board.

The fastest way though, is to use images from the internet.
You can either use google search or free photo sites like unsplash or pixabay.

Just type in your goal and choose from the pics. Then either print them out in color at home or save those images on a stick and have a copy shop print them out.

Vision board principle #7: CLEANNESS

I thrive with cleanness and beauty. But most of the vision board I saw are the opposite and just overwhelm me. I just don’t like looking at them, which is a bad idea if it’s my own. So make sure you fall in love with your vision board and enjoy watching it. Ensuring a clean look  helps a lot with this!

Don’t neglect this part, because having a good feeling about the board is essential!

If you need more clarity and beauty respect that feeling!

I found 3 ways you can avoid confusion and beautify your vision board.

TIP #10: Clear edges

Many people just cut out their images with rough or irregular edges. I cut out rectangles instead. They make it easier to focus, keep a clean look, and a clear structure which helps me to keep my focus and calm my mind.

TIP #11: Framing it

I choose a white background. You don’t necessarily need to choose a white one too, but my tip is to have at least a subdued monochromatic color, so your images are dominant, not the color of your background. And if you like you can unify them with a small frame.

TIP #12: Naming it

I don't like words on my pictures. So when I find images I love with writing on it, cut them out.
But instead of cutting around the wording which again leaves a curved edge, I still cut out rectangles first.

Then only as a second step, I cut off the part with the writing. Then I glue it to the frame and replace the cut-off part of the rectangle with a simple line (I prefer a golden or white pens). Additionally you can also write the meaning of this specific image there.

TIP #13: Leaving a lot of space

This one is also essential for me. I need a lot of white space around the colored pictures so my mind can work properly.
Again it gives me structure and clarity and enables me to focus on a single image and the feeling it has for me.

So, undivided focus works.
This is the reason a vision board can be your scintillating, focus-giving guide for you too.

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So how will this year be for you?

Always remember, your focus determines your reality!

– George Lucas

Obviously, you can start a sleek vision board whenever you want to reset your mind to success. You don’t need to wait for the next New Years Eve. So best start right now to boost your year.

And if you want to give it even more direction, then identifying how much you're already living your potential is enormously helpful. You can take the Hidden Potential Test here.

Another way to set yourself free so you can actually implement all these different strategies is to rigorously eliminate those things you hate doing from your life.

Not only will it give you a boost of new energy and inspiration but it will also free precious time for you to implement your plans!

To your greatness!