How to make change in life easy

How to embrace change

6 Mind hacks to make change in life easy

We all know, change is a part of life, and who is not growing, is dying and all of those other, very smart sounding instagram change quotes.

If we are honest though, none of us particularly like it when change is coming knocking on our doorstep.

Most will actually fight it with everything we have, which is, to a certain point, actually quite normal. We do it because instinctively it feels like losing something precious to us. That something is taken away from us against our will.

To thrive and be truly successful however, it might just be key to learn how to navigate continuous, earth breaking change as gracefully as possible, taking it for what it really truly is.

A sign that we have outgrown something.
A sign that better things are ahead if we choose them.

Mastering change might just be to navigate the internal struggle of continually outgrowing ourselves.

Which is a process that sometimes creeps up on any of us.

Like when…

I felt a car engine purring underneath me like a panther getting a belly rub…
Audi-luxury surrounding me,…
Steering a car I loved and a 100% upgrade to my old one,…

Can you imagine?

I had just bought my dream car.
And I could not stop crying.

Now, this story actually starts two days earlier.

Change - the unexpected fiend

While we stood like deer in the dying headlights of our beloved Opel, when the mechanic told us the only safe thing was to retire the car.

I could not keep myself from feeling cold and ugly stress wash over me.
My two kid’s driver's license exams were 10 days away.
I just have had a 1000 € repair. 
Railing against the car’s fate.
Doubting myself to find a reliable new car fast.

Reluctantly I started to accept the fact, while dizzily racing through the different stages of grief. Then, after the final shock-wave went through me, my spirit came partly back.

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Change & the emotional rollercoaster

Somehow, even in the eye of the emotional rollercoaster I was in, my intuition was surprisingly on point, looking back.

10 minutes into test-driving, while listening to the wheel suspension making beat-box noises, it was very, VERY clear... This is definitely NOT my car!

I was about to book a plane ticket back home when we double-checked with the dealership: Any chance they had any other car in our price range available?

Enter MY car: An Audi in great condition, but with higher mileage, which put this panther of a vehicle right into my price range. Have I mentioned that my dream car had always been an Audi?

So I was supposed to be – well, happy? And joyful?

Not exactly my state. Actually, I drove the 778 kilometres home crying, being a complete emotional wreck.

I felt waves of fear, joy, and complete overwhelm rush through me.

I couldn’t grasp why being in this situation was so hard for me – I just got everything I ever wanted - and an Audi on top!

With a few days distance, looking back, this story pictures so beautifully two situations that seemed so very different and still were linked so closely together.

The moment of losing my beloved but really old car and the moment of realising I now own the car of my dreams - both felt deeply uncomfortable to say the least.

Loosing what is outgrown while getting a massive upgrade and our dreams fulfilled means also getting out of our comfort zone. This brings all our self-imposed limitations to light. So we’re not always handling BIG change as gracefully as we’d hope to do.

One way to avoid such an emotional turmoil and make change easier is to be aware of these 5 pitfalls, as they keep us in a catch-22. It happens when we know where it's best for us to go but something inside of us is holding us back.

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Finally do your thing!

My boyfriend, very keenly, jumped on the opportunity. In contrast to me, the prospect had his eyes light up. Thank god for that!

I had bought cars in the past, but this felt different. I felt paralyzed and very uncomfortable.

Maybe because I had a cranio-therapy session for the first time in ages the day before?
Could it be an emotion side effect?
Who knows!

Now, my boyfriend actually found a really good fit in a very short time.
Solid car, good price. Ready to be picked up in a dealership in Germany.

Then everything happened fast:

Plans were formed.
A cheap flight was found. 
I was going to fly up and drive the car within 2 days from Germany back to Austria.

Still, I could not seem to shake those nerves.

Rather untypical for me, I was in a full-on inner turmoil.

The formalities connected with importing a car from Germany. The money. The timing. All of it.

To calm my nerves, I sat down to take a deep breath.

I started visualising the choice with closed eyes.
So when the car slipped into my thoughts…

I let it take a colour.
I opened to the feel of it.

And it looked ...dull.
Not very attractive at all.
It was actually outshined by a second car, standing right behind it.

I felt the crisis rising again.
So I went to an online hunt myself – again.
But I didn’t find a single decent car.

Even the dull one looked like a world champion in comparison.
So I finally surrendered.
I got on the plane with a suitcase full of high hopes, time pressure and tingling nerves.

Why change is hard

The thing I have found in the many years of working with clients is: 

The more needed the change is,…
The bigger the effect on your life will be,…
The more forceful it might show up,…
The more uncomfortable it will normally present itself.

So any nerves being raw or any riots of emotions are too often just the side effects of jump-starting your dreams, hopes and goals - even if it might not feel like it at the moment.

3 warning signs it’s time for a change

So how do you know it’s time for a change?
Do you always have to experience a physical breakdown?
Wouldn’t it be smarter to prevent it firsthand?

Yes, most of the turmoil could be avoided.
Yes, smarter it would be too, but not always easy though!

But what you can get ahead of time if you’d be ready to listen and ride the wave.

Listen to the signs!
Ignorance is not bliss!
Ignorance will cause havoc and turn your life upside down in no time!

So there are the 3 major signs that change is coming:

  • Unhappiness with the way things are right now.
  • A restless feeling that you can’t explain.
  • Soft inner whispers giving you intuitive guidance.

The later was totally applicable to me. For nearly 2 months, I was bugged by the Opel’s engine sound. It sounded rough and strained. I did check oil several times. But in the end, I ignored my feelings and assumed everything okay.

6 Mind hacks to navigate change as gracefully as possible:

1. Identify change early

Listen to the signs along the road. Smaller or bigger hints, that change is on its way. Remember ignorance is not bliss!

Be brave! It will save yourself a lot of emotional havoc later.

2. Embrace change

You can embrace change easier with these 3 mindset shifts:

FRIST: Even if you feel overwhelmed and stressed by all that is happening, assume that there’s already a solution for your problem. This technique I learned in my prolonged stays in India.

SECOND: Assume that any current or future challenge is here to better your life not to worsen it. This way you’ll not only feel better but also find more favourable solutions and outcomes.

THIRD: Act as if you’ll already where you want to be, even if you not there yet.

3. Balance change

When change hits, fears and emotional turmoil boil up. Then do whatever gets you out of your head and supports you in clearing some of that nervous energy.

Something like doing sports, yoga, dancing, or rebounding for a while - anything that helps to get rid of the excess adrenalin cocktail in your veins.

4. Prevent havoc

The more emotional turmoil, conflicting beliefs, childhood trauma we carry with us, the more difficult it change can be.

Because then more likely we’re to not listen to our inner guidance, hold back and keep the pressure in - making the process way more explosive and painful than it should be. So face whatever comes up. It’s your change to heal it!

Here are some resources and techniques I have seen help a lot:

5. Slow but steady

Feeling overwhelmed and paralysed by all that change?

Take it one step at a time. Make each step as tiny as possible and choose to start with the easiest first. This way you build up your confidence and momentum fast!

By the way, before I tell you the last mind hack to embrace change...

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6. Be proactive

Know your purpose and follow your calling! Be aware that a lot of problems and struggles are caused when you’re operating in the wrong field.

If you’re completely off your path, lost in cascades of insignificant work and ignoring your true inner gifts for too long, change will come rather forcefully and often in an unpleasant way. Because change then has to break you free and put you back on the path of your calling.

Honestly, this is a topic very close to my heart.

So close actually, that I’ve designed a whole course around helping my fellow entrepreneurs and “business-women-called-for-more” to achieve the career, financial success and the freedom that comes with following their purpose.

Even for those who feel like they are so stuck in and unable to get out of their “golden cage” that they will probably die there.

What I mean with that is:

Growth minded people like you and me,…
Who have built a life everyone else wanted,…
A life that is successful and looks good from the outside,…
But that deep inside feels lacking something,…
Because you feel somehow empty, unhappy and unfulfilled…

I want you to know, that even though this situation is common, it’s NOT normal! 

And on a side note - any big change happens way more painfully when it explodes inside the reflective confinement of a ‘safe’ golden cage.

I have collected the most successful tools, workbooks, and exercises from my work with clients and put them into an easily accessible course.

One that puts everything into the right order and helps you create a very strong inner compass to what is actually right for you, find your passion and to access your highest potential.

Then you can proactively initiate the right kind of change in your life, break free of the golden cage and breathe freely again.

Here are links to guide you to the next level, if you’re ready to jumpstart some positive change in your life:

And to finish my story:

I now own the best car ever. I’ve totally fallen for it. Not only do I love
it. My whole family adores it. It’s such an amazing gift from the Universe at a time, I'd never expected it!

It truly delights us with every ride we take. And the irony is  - this car is much safer - so much more, than the “safe choice” of sticking with what I knew and trying to repair my already way too old Opel.

R.I.P Opel Vectra, we love you very much.

To your greatness!

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