How to Turn a Vanilla Existence into a Red-Hot Infatuation with your Life


Let’s talk about red-hot passion.
The one that keeps you awake at night, because you can't wait to get it fulfilled.
The one giving you delicate shivers just thinking about it.
But red-hot passion comes at a price.
It's definitely not vanilla.

Even if vanilla tastes fine. Not extraordinary, but good. And everybody else likes it. It goes with everything and everybody: your friends, your mother in law and even your mood.
But like I said already, there is one thing missing... Passion!
And you can't have both.

Vanilla passion is no passion at all.
It's mellow. It's subdued. And it's not vibrant with life.
Vanilla or red-hot, that's the question you need to ask yourself. Be it in life, in love or in spirituality.
You always have a choice – vanilla mellowness or electrifying vibrancy?
Well, you might say, not everybody needs to be fiery and burning with inspiration. And you're right.

The Vanilla Lure

I can even understand the appeal of the vanilla lure.
It offers comfort, approval of others and way too often a false sense of security. So it definitely has its qualities.

But in the end, vanilla equals mediocrity. Accessing red-hot passion equals ingenious brilliance.

In hindsight, not a single one of the now famous people of the past was vanilla. Think of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Madame Curie, Abraham Lincoln... They might have had different or even difficult personalities, but not one of them was vanilla. Each one of them was brilliant in their own way. Burning red-hot with passion which guided them towards their calling.

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Vanilla means living without passion

And with that, I don’t mean that you have to be a fiery fighter or a fierce rebel. You can be a softhearted soul and still burning with passion in your own way. But one thing you can’t be without – your soul purpose. Because being vanilla means living a life without passion, direction, and meaning. A life without purpose.

Thus I want to ask you three essential questions about your life…

  1. How do you want to remember your life when it’s time to go?
  2. In what way do you want to be a role model for your grandkids?
  3. What legacy do you want to leave the world? To gift it with your unique genius, making it a better place?

Whatever your answer is, in the end, still the only question that counts is:

“Do you want your life to be vanilla or red-hot?”

Remember, I believe that you’re special. And if you need help in accessing your unique brilliance and learning how to use your natural gifts so you can serve at your highest… Then jump on the waitlist for the Soul Purpose Alchemy Program launching in January.

See you soon!