How to unlock unlimited positivity & strength to stop struggling


3 Keys to overcome difficulties and still radiate positivity vibes

3 proven ways to live and radiate positivity vibes

Do you want to radiate positivity vibes and win through difficulties and struggles in a blaze of glory?

Our positivity strength is determined by how we react when life is “unfair” to us. Is living positivity possible, even if we have to deal with really daunting challenges in life?

Even in the face of difficult circumstances, there's one most important positivity life tip you need to grasp.
Whatever the circumstances are…
It’s ONLY within you to change your life. Nobody else can do it.

To finally turn things around and to elevate your positivity strength, you first need to dive to the core of the problem. You must not like it necessarily but understand that every struggle comes with a hidden gift in the package.

So, to advance your positivity strength, you first need to comprehend your lesson to be learned. Only then can unveil the hidden gift behind it.

And the next step is then to own your insight and take full responsibility for it.

Only in that case, you’re actually living positivity and change the way of your world.

Is it easy? Hell, no!
It’s easy to be the victim.
It’s easy to blame others and being passive.
It’s easy to stay miserable.

But it’s worth the fight.
It’s worth the effort and the strain.
It’s worth to evolve and grow.

This is the point where you become a survivor.

As a survivor, you transmute victimship. You evolve, grow and empower yourself.

That’s when some kind of purification is happening.
An essential, deep-reaching shift of power at your core.

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It doesn’t change your past, but it enables you to have a bright future.
And then…
Even though you might carry scars, they are no longer a sign of your weakness, but a victorious proof of your strength and faith in yourself. Only then, you truly radiate positivity vibes because you have the courage to face your personal abyss.

Then it’s okay to be weak to explore your strengths.
Then it’s okay to be discouraged to learn about determination and prowess.
Then it’s okay to be doubting yourself to explore who you are until you inhibit and extrude the survivor scent from every pore.

And there are three keys to finally unleash your ultimate positivity strength.

Key #1: Knowledge is your savior

The better you know yourself and understand how the different behavioral patterns in your life unfold, the easier it is to accept who you are and truly live positivity.

So this encompasses all the different kinds of levels of knowledge.
Knowledge about yourself and what makes you tick.
And knowledge about the hidden dynamics in life - even scientific ones.

If you don’t have it yet, knowledge is rather easy to acquire. You can even go and “borrow” it from somebody you trust and who’s already, where you want to be.

So knowledge is essential but not as difficult to meet as the next key...

Key#2: Assuming responsibility is crucial

Once a problem is part of your life, you’re responsible for solving it.
Radical ownership is necessary; no excuses are allowed.
Even if life or certain events look unfair to you.
And they often will, because many circumstances ARE actually unfair.

But still, this doesn’t change the most important fact that...
Nobody else can get rid of the problem but you!
Thus, only you have it within your means to solve it.

And if you think about it...
Wouldn’t it be even more unfair if you'd let yourself suffer endlessly?
So whatever the circumstances, it's your responsibility only to change your life for the better.

But I need to warn you too.
Like everything else, also responsibility can be turned against you!

Similar to a knife it can be used to slice bread or to slash your throat.

So, what could go wrong with assuming responsibility?

To fully live an empowered life and build your positivity strength, you need to make sure, you’re taking the right amount of self-responsibility and proper ownership.

So always ask yourself if you take on too much, too little or the wrong kind of responsibility, especially if you face a repetitive problem or an issue which you seemingly can’t solve.

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Sometimes, even when you're sure to only carry your own burden, assuming all this responsibility can be overwhelming and too much.

It can feel like you’re about to collapse under this massive burden and feel suffocated by all the problems.

So for truly living positivity and to keep your positive vibes high, there's another mind trick which I learned during my extended stays in India.

This one one principle is the ultimate key to fully unlock your positivity strength and approach any problem with an empowered attitude.

Key #3: Assume, there's already a solution

Whatever problem you might be facing, assume, that there’s already a solution for it. You just need to be open to find it.

Because from a spiritual point of view, the solution is already here. You're just not able to see it yet.

So whatever problem you might face, believe there’s a solution out there already. Doesn’t make knowing this, everything so much easier? Just this one attitude and mindset shift will boost your positivity strength.

Because then,...

Instead of groping in the dark, you now start to align yourself with the bright shining solution.
That's living positivity at it's finest!
It's an entirely different approach to the Western focus on resolving problems.
And as Steven Covey suggests, it helps you start with the end in mind (the solution) instead of being fixated on the problem.

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To your greatness!

3 proven ways to live and radiate positivity vibes

3 proven ways to live and radiate positivity vibes

3 proven ways to live and radiate positivity vibes

3 proven ways for living positivity strengths

3 proven ways to live and radiate positivity vibes