Get unstuck and reach your stars!

Private coaching for soul-deep transformation and to smash any limitations to smithereens

Are you stuck and don't know why?


Maybe you're not earning enough.
Or you don't enjoy your business anymore.
Or you're overwhelmed and doubting yourself.
Or you're searching for your soul purpose but were not able to find it yet.

Then discovering and living your soul purpose will open up a whole new world for you.


Your soul purpose will make a difference in your life


Become who you are

Many people believe they have nothing special to offer. I disagree! Everybody owns a special gift. You just need to discover and distill it.


Eliminate your secret limitations

Whenever we can't reach our aims, it's not because we're uncapable but mostly because we secretly sabotage ourselves. So you need to eliminate those limitations first.


Reach your stars!

It's time to step up and reach your most audacious dreams. Be conspicuous and allow your unique brilliance to come forth to help, inspire, and transform your people.

If you're already struggling you need to act.

Otherwise it will get worse.

Continue doing what you did so far will only get you what you  have already.

Struggles indicate that something is wrong and you’re out of alignment with your core power.
And the problems won’t solve all by themselves.
They will continue until you’re ready to change something.
If you can’t figure it out alone, then go ask for help!

If you want me to help, book your free discovery call here.


    Why you’re stuck and what you need to do

    There are three main reasons why you might struggle with your soul purpose.

    • Your lack of knowledge

      Nobody teaches us, neither at school nor university the importance of our soul purpose.

    • You unkowningly sabotage yourself

      These sabotage mechanisms are usually long forgotten but still effective because they date back to early childhood experiences.

    • You fall for the lure of your comfort zone

      Growing and stepping into your highest potential is scary, at least initially. You need to enter the realm of the unknown, so it’s easier to stay where you are.


    Why private coaching will transform your life


    How would it feel to be crystal clear on your purpose, ultimately love your work, experience a profound meaning and making a real impact in the world? Would it empower you? Give you hope and direction? How many new striking possiblities would open up for you?

    But in order to reach this, you need to change. You can’t stand the same person you are right now. Only then you will reach your most audacious dreams.

    Like I already said, there are three main things preventing this transformation: The lack of knowledge, your inner, subconcious sabotage mechanisms and the lure of your comfort zone. They set the course of your life: Either they guide you towards your growth and service or keep you stuck.

    And you don’t need to have to figure it out all by yourself. You can also pick the brain of others who have gone this path already.

    One thing you shouldn’t do though. Stay inactive. As tempting as it can be, it usually make things worse. Because instead of growing you’ll stay where you are. Then you’re forgetting you’re here for a reason. So the universe supports you by raising your spirit through struggles, problems or major challenges. Life usually get’s harder this way.

    It wants you to grow, transform and be significant so you finally allow yourself to do the things you were born to do. Because not stepping up will cost not only you but also the people you’re here to serve.


    Private Coaching Benefits

    • Know who you are

    • Reach your aims with ease

    • Truly love what you're doing

    • Make an impact

    • Reach your highest potential


    Private 1 : 1 Coaching

    Become who you are meant to be

    How much does it cost you to not follow your soul purpose? How long have you been secretly sabotaging you?

    Tust that you are special, can reach your most audacious dreams and bring forth your unique brilliance.

    Private 1:1 Coaching consists of

    • 8 Soul Purpose Sessions

    These sessions are designed to go deep and to extract the essence of who you are. And then transmute it into the most bright and sparkling gift you have to offer to the world. (Length: 2 h each)

    • 8 Smashing Sessions

    These can eliminate EVEN PROFOUND blockages that are secretly sabotaging you. These Smashing sessions will ultimately enable your success and bring forth your unique light. Changes are, without them you won't succeed. (Length 2,5 h each)

    • 8 Tap-Along Recordings

    Listen, tap and transform your life. These are individually created, based on your Smashing revelations, to supersonic-turbocharge your growth and bring forth your unique genius.

    • Enlightening Spark-Sheets

    Each session is accompanied by especially designed worksheets. A visionary way to transformational learning and soul-deep insights.

    Two ways to make it happen


    Coaching via Skype, Phone or Zoom

    Coaching can be done online via tools like Skype, Zoom or just a phone. Just let me know which way you prefer.


    Coaching in my private practice

    If you prefere to see me in person, just let me know!


    Private Coaching is ideal if:

    • You want personal, caring support to keep your spirit high.

    • You want a soul-deep transformation going to the core of your essence.

    • You know you have something amazing to offer but can't grasp it alone.

    • You're finally done with excuses and want the change.

    • You don't want to let fear and limitations rule your life.


    What if it will get worse?

    How much is your lack of purpose in your life already costing you?
    How many of your people need your help and can’t find you?
    How many people don’t see you in the crowd?
    How many don’t understand how you can help them?
    A lack of purpose may already be costing you and others too much.

    Book Your FREE Analysis Call...

    Gain clarity what essential elements you still might need to develop and get your individual step-by-step plan to ACTIVATE your soul purpose.