Private Blockage Solving

Get unstuck and reach your stars!

Free yourself to become who you are meant to be by eliminating any unconscious blockages standing in your way.


Do you struggle to reach your aims?



The reason for it might be different than what you think it is - When you work with me to clear your mindset, you'll be free to, enjoy and reach your aims with ease. You can be sure that you want and your unconscious beliefs pull together.

With the proven Truth Smashing Technique you'll have a new and exceptionally powerful way to eliminate any blockages, negative thoughts patterns & beliefs. When you do some smashing with me, you actually rewire your brain, so it's just natural to perceive things differently.


Smashing will transform your life


Discover the real problem

To solve the issue, we must discover the real problem. This truth is usually hidden, and we're not aware of it.


Eliminate your secret limitations

Once you know where the problem stems from then it's usually easy to eliminate and replace it with a more striking belief.


Be free to succeed!

Then we are working towards our aims and no longer preventing us from reaching them. Then our results usually equal our effort.

Pushing harder and harder won't change things.

It still leaves you stuck and frustrated.

That’s because pushing harder and harder won’t change the core problem. 

Whenever you can’t reach your aims and put considerate effort behind it, there’s a reason for it.
You need to find this hidden believe, the real problem behind it.
Only then can you
change the direction of your efforts and your life.

If you want to do some smashing with me, book your package here.


    Your hidden believes try to protect you in some way...

    Unfortunately, all those unconscious limitations can come forth, once you start your soul purpose journey.
    Then your subconsciousness percieves your aspiration in some way as threatening and does everything to prevent it from happening.
    And it does so because some outdated beliefs of your childhood need an update.

    Your unconscious mind can feel threatened in six ways...

    • Physical Survival

      It fears your life is in some way endangered.

    • Emotional Survival

      It fears to be overwhelmed by intense emotions

    • Mental Survival

      It fears to not being able to encompass the truth

    • Survival in your Family

      It fears to lose your family of origin

    • Spiritual Survival

      It fears to lose the love of God or soul connection

    • Protection of Others

      It fears others are in danger so it needs to protect them



    I call this technique the Trush Smasher or just doing "smashing" because it literally smashes all your limiting believes to smithereens and rewires the way you think about a given topic.

    I discovered this technique when I myself was in my personal abyss. Nothing was working in my business. And I tried to very, very hard to make it work. Instead of succeeding I felt stuck, devastated and hopeless.

    Thanks to this technique I was able to transform my own hidden limitations with amazing speed. Also thanks to my daughter, who showed me her personal approach on dealing with negative patterns which was the very inspiration I needed at the given time.

    Why is it important to clear your unconscious believes (aka blockages) first?


    How would it feel to succeed without effort? How would it be if everything you touches becomes pure gold? Would your life and your future look bright and full of possibilities? Would you be confident and secure in your capabilities?

    You are NOT stupid, incapable, lazy, or a failure even if the results make you look like this. There’s a reason why you’re stuck and can’t move forward. And very likely you just don’t understand WHY it happens and the dynamics behind it.

    So, when you’re faced with a lack of results and some tenacious issues in your life, your subconscious mind is active. That means…

    1. It is NOT something that you know. (Remember, you’re not stupid! And otherwise, you would have changed it already!)

    2. It is NOT what you believe it to be. Usually, people mix up the result with the reason for it. Often the very thing in your life right now is only the result of the problem and not the reason for it.

    3. It is trying to PROTECT you by NOT reaching your aims.

    4. You don’t need to spend years with therapy to solve it.

    Private 1 : 1 Smashing

    Transform your mind to succeed

    How much does failing and being stuck cost you?
    Being successful or confident is not a question of will and effort alone but on how your subconscious mind works with or against you.

    To succeed, you need a crystal clear and inspired alignment with your aim.

    Each Smashing Set consists of...

    • Smashing Session

    Chose a topic which is bothering you and be amazed at how easy it is to eliminate this blockage. These Smashing sessions will ultimately enable your success and bring forth your unique light. Chances are, without them you won't succeed.

    Approx. length 2,5 h each

    To give you the time necessary to explore and go deep, it might happen, that you overrun the 2.5 h time frame. Then each new quarter of an hour will be charged accordingly. 

    • Tap-Along Recordings

    Listen, tap and transform your life. These are individually created, based on your Smashing revelations, to supersonic-turbocharge your growth and bring forth your unique genius.

    • Distilled Summary

    After the successful mind-shift, I guide you to make a distilled summary of your insights - a valuable tool to stabilize your transformation.

    How it works...


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    What's your investment?

    How many opportunities have you missed because of your hidden struggle?
    How often have you gotten less than you’re worth?
    How badly do you want to succeed?



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