What’s stopping you from owning your brilliance?

Discover your soul purpose without wasting your precious lifetime

8-week group coaching program for spiritual entrepreneurs who feel stuck in their calling.


Stop wasting precious lifetime with insignificant work!


Being stuck is no fun.
Doing meaningless work neither.
Remember, there's a reason you're here.
You have a purpose. A calling.
And nobody can fill this place but you!

How can you know, you’re NOT following your soul purpose?

Very likely you feel like being in one of these places...


      Inside a golden cage

      • You feel stagnant & stuck like being caught in a golden cage?
      • You don’t love what you’re doing anymor but need the money to pay the bills?
      • You’re renowned in your niche but feeling this couldn’t have been all?

        Being missed out

        • You’re sick about the others getting the rewards while you’ll always being left out?
        • You feel exhausted & overlooked while knowing you’ve so much to give?
        • You’re pursuing one training after the other in the hope you’ll finally getting the recognition you deserve?

        In survival mode

        • You know you’ve something special to offer but can’t bring it forth?
        • You’re trying too long to make it work and are running out of time?
        • Your business isn’t bringing in enough money and the growth you crave isn’t there?


        The truth is, it will get worse!

        If you’re not in alignment with your purpose, the universe will “nudge” you to get you back on track.
        It wants you to step up and free you from those things that are keeping you stuck.
        It will continue until you start listening!
        This is especially true…

        • …the more spiritual you are.
        • …the more conscious or sensitive you are.
        • …the greater your mission.
        • …the more you’re not serving your real people.

        Just any purpose won’t be sufficient…

        It isn’t enough to make up any purpose.
        You need to find your true soul purpose, the very thing you were born to do.

        Otherwise, the nudges and struggles won’t stop, because you’re still not there yet!

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        Why you need to discover your soul purpose?

        • Be energized & inspired

          Doing the work you were born to do is exciting and deeply fulfilling

        • Access you ulitmate potential

          Using your natural gifts enables you to work with and not against you

        • Be irresistible for your people

          Own your brilliance and be true to who you are

        • Follow your most audacious dreams

          Dream your biggest dreams and know you can actually reach them

        • Grow through joy rather than pain

          Your soul want’s you to grow and become all that you can be.

        • Value the life you were gifted with

          Knowing fully well, that our lifetime is limited



        Hi there! My name is Nimue Fichtenbauer.

        I genuinely love to transform something dark or raw into pure gold – be it people or a business. And I‘m here to help you to get unstuck and discover your true soul purpose so you can finally do the work you’re born to do.

        Why can I be so sure, you’re special? Because I know, you have a unique gift to offer to the world. And I also know it’s time for you to step up and own your brilliance.

        • Creator of the Smashing Technique

        • Built first online business in 1999 – still exists

        • 12 years experience in 1 on 1 psychological counseling

        • Known for in-depth transformation & real results

        How to make a difference

        1. Get the course

        2. Discover why you’re here

        3. Make a real impact

        Why is your soul purpose your success guarantee?

        How would your life change if you do exactly what you love to do the most and would have outstanding success with it? Would you feel less stuck? Would you have more confidence? Would you be more energized and inspired by your work and life in general?

        I was stuck for 4 years when I started my new online business. And it wasn’t because of a lack of knowledge or skills. Things only changed when I discovered my very own soul purpose. Then I was finally able to get out of the downward spiral and land two new coaching clients for 9.4 k within 3 months.

        Nobody tells you how important it is to follow your true calling. None of the coaches I hired even hinted on it, nor was it needed for my MBA. In marketing, it usually goes like this…”Use this strategy, apply these tactics and then you get the results. But that doesn’t work for everyone. Not for the conscious, spiritual entrepreneur. And even if some trainers TELL you to find your purpose, hardly anyone teaches you HOW to actually succeed with it.

        In reality, knowing your soul purpose is the most essential ingredient of your business. Everything builds upon it. The branding, your product, the marketing strategies, and tactics… Your soul purpose is your POWERBASE. And it is also your success guarantee. Because that’s the very thing you were born to do. For which only you have the unique skill set to succeed.

        Still, how do you discover it? The Soul Purpose Inauguration Program guides you through 6 essential discoveries about yourself, so you can successfully live your soul purpose. When you buy the course, you will undergo a deep transformation. You will know who you really are and what your exact calling is. And I will be by your side along the ride.

        Most people think, they are not special and think their unique gifts are “normal”. In this group coaching program, I will help you realize your extraordinary gifts and talents. You get direct access to me twice a week. You can ask me all of your questions, and I will personally help you solve them. You’re here to make the world a better place, and I’m here to assist you with exactly that.

        If you don’t know your soul purpose yet, get the course and discover your true calling to really make a difference – in your life and the life of others. Your soul purpose will grant you all the success you deserve to have, while positively affecting other’s peoples’ lives. But it needs to be the real one. The Soul Purpose Alchemy Program will help you find your true calling.

        How you activate your soul purpose


        Group Coaching Program

        6 Essential Steps To Grasp The Essence Of Who You Are

        Be guided through these 6 integral steps to discover and master your true soul purpose. Be confident and feel safe, because I’m at your side along the ride.



        • Identify your genuine passion
        • Truely love what you’re doing
        • Be 100% authentic & true to who you are

        • Designate your expertise
        • Claim your ultimate superpowers
        • Use your strenghts to your full advantage




        • Know what makes you tick
        • Identify what you need to be truely happy
        • See why you’re special

        • See beyond what you’ve learned to believe about yourself
        • Discern why you’re here & how you want to serve
        • Learn how to access your highest potentiall



        • Define your biggest dreams
        • Determine in which way you want to serve others
        • Make a real impact & leave a legacy

        • Create your personal implementation plan
        • Proven ways to avoid distractions
        • One trick to get easily started




          No matter your age, it's not too late to start over with your soul purpose. Use this training to turn your age into the advantage it actually is.



          No matter your age, it's not too late to start over with your soul purpose. Use this training to turn your age into the advantage it actually is.


          Bonus 3: FAST TRACK GUIDE




          You can ask me all of your questions and you will get each of them answered in the weekly Q & A calls. I will be there each week as long as you need me.


          Bonus 5: A 20 MIN 1-ON-1 PERSONAL CALL WITH ME

          If you want me to validify your soul purpose, you can reserve your personal call with me. So you can be sure you're going in the right direction.


          Bonus 6: VIP- SMASHING PACKAGE(bookable any time)

          Following your soul purpose means you're going beyond your current limits and it will very likely bring up blockages associated with it. So when you feel stuck, you have the privilege to buy a smashing package and be assured to get immediate, impactful support, even if it's closed for the public.


          Group Coaching consists of:

          – 8 weekly LIVE coaching calls: (2 h each)
          – 8 weekly Q&A calls (as long needed)
          – Supplementary Worksheets
          – Recorded videos-calls for listening at your pace


          – 30 min personal 1 on 1: Have me personally review your soul purpose so you can be absolutely sure of your insights.

          – Focus Map: To stay on track &  aligned with your soul purpose

          – Vision & Alignment Scan: Create your highest vision in every area of your life.


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          The content of this program

          Each of the 6 modules in this course effectuates a deep transformation, so you can…

          • MODULE 1: Ignite your passion and truly love the work you're doing

          • MODULE 2: Master your unique strengths & abilities

          • MODULE 3: Realize how special you are

          • MODULE 4: Discern why you're here & how you want to serve

          • MODULE 5: Create the biggest vision for your life

          • MODULE 6: Make a real impact & leave a legacy

          What's your investment?

          How much is your lack of purpose in your life already costing you?
          How many of your people need your help and can’t find you?
          How many people don’t see you in the crowd?
          How many don’t understand how you can help them?
          A lack of purpose may already be costing you and others too much.


          Group Coaching

          Single Payment

          $ 997

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          Group Coaching

          Payment Plan

          3 payments of

          $ 397

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          No-Risk Guarantee

          1. I personally make sure you succeed!
          2. Get a 3 months money-back guarantee.
          3. No questions asked refund.
          4. You can still keep everything.


          FAQ for the Soul Purpose Alchemy Program

          If you want to make an impact and do work you love doing, then this is for. Everybody has a special gift. The only time we start struggling is when we don’t see our specialness or act against our natural gifts. Just follow my lead and I guide you through each module and make personally sure you succeed.


          How will your soul purpose change your life and your business?

          The Soul Purpose Alchemy Course Will Help You Accomplish:


          Group Coaching

          Single Payment

          $ 997

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          Group Coaching

          Payment Plan

          3 payments of

          $ 397

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