Sticking to goals for good! 4 easy questions to always meet goals

Stop struggling with reaching your goals and aims

How to stop self-sabotaging your success

Whenever you're struggling with reaching your goals...
And it looks like you're sabotaging your success...

It's usually happening for a reason.

And not because you're dumb...
Or lazy...
Or stupid...

Even though it might look like it on the surface.

But on the underlay there's a force operating within you, trying to protect you by not letting you reach your aims.

I call this force your Inner Protectors.

Once they feel threatened, they can turn us into an immobile ice-statue in the middle of the Sahara within seconds.

That's how strong their power is on us.

Then, instead of supporting us in our desired goals, they secretly start to sabotage them.

Even though they do all of this with good intentions and for the sake of our survival, the results are often devestating on us.

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How I self-sabotaged my success

Let me give you a personal example:

Usually, the first thing in the morning, after my youngest kid has left for school, I invest an hour in my mindset and mental hygiene. (If you're curious about what I’m doing exactly, this is the technique I use.)

There’s usually always an unexpected twist to it.
But this specific time the AHA-moment was unparalleled.

Just imagine...

You're a small 5-year-old girl.
And you fell abandonned and decieved by your parents. And you have nowhere to go and nobody to ask for help.

How would you feel?
Desperate and like not wanting to live?

When the realization hit me, I knew I was on spot. The tears started flowing, the pressure on my chest was enhancing, and my brain started to connect and process this very new thought.

But then, in the midth of my realization, was another thought too.

Even though I was very little...

I knew, I had a calling.
A mission to pursue.
A purpose to serve.

Not only was this knowledge the very thing keeping me alive.  It also helped me to find a nifty way to prevent me from even thinking about wanting to die again.

And there are three keys to finally unleash your ultimate positivity strength.

#1 Hidden reason we struggle reaching our goals

I used one of my strengths - my  achievement mindset - to my advantage.
So, to stop those dangerous thoughts, I put my focus on achieving goals instead.

The more goals and aims there were, the better. They kept me focused and let me forget my misery.

The only problem was that aims were limited as a child.
So I hadn't too many options…
Like helping to clean the kitchen, polishing the doors...
Also, the longer it took, the better it was because it captured my focus.
Obviously, once I finished one aim, I'd quickly had to find another one to pursue.

To sum it up, I discovered four main things.

1. Knowing that I have a purpose gave me focus and saved my life.

2. To protect it, I was always on the lookout for the next goal.

3. My happiness and even my life depended on having enough goals.

4. The best way to survive was to never fully reach my goals.

Can you see where I'm heading?

So my own purpose Odyssean took nearly 4 years. I knew something was wrong, and worked hard to overcome it. I mean, really, really hard.

And it's normal to underestimate the amount of time needed to build a business, but 4 years is a VERY long time to be stuck.

So what happened in these four years at an unconscious level?

How your Innner Protector "saves" you by not succeeding

I was “surviving” by never reaching my aims.

Because my subconsciousness did everything it could to protect me by having enough aims and never fully succeeding.

The more pressure I felt, and the more I pushed, the stronger this protection and my stuckness became!

How crazy sweet and completely boggled is that!

When I was suddenly overcome by this realization, I was stunned — and shocked.

It might sound funny, but believe me, funny it's only when looking at it from the outside.

Be also aware that our survival instinct is the most powerful force within us. It's the very thing which ensured our survival for millennia.

Once it gets triggered, it's impossible to 'overmaster'.

You can't fight nature. You'll always lose.

If you try to fight it, it will combat you.

If you try harder to succeed, it will try harder to stop you.
f you try to overpower it, it will defeat you.

It does everything to survive, even if it means to stop you dead in your tracks if it percieves you as a thread. 
That's just pure biological instinct.

But does this mean you'r doomed to fail, over and over again?

No, not at all!

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So whenever we struggle to reach our aims, it's usually not an outward problem, instead of one inside of us.

That's true for everything: Be it love, be it success, be it spirituality.

This is always, always, always the case!

We are not dumb or lazy or stupid.
We are just in survival mode without realizing it.

Also, our inner protector doesn't want to hurt us.

On the contrary!
It does everything to protect us!

This inner protector is so committed to saving us, that it protects us from our aims when it perceives for what ever reason as too dangerous.

But the problem is that it still operates within the means of a 5 year old, or even a baby!

No more self-sabotaging your success!

How can you make sure you're actually set to reach your goals?

But there is one thing that you need to be aware of though - the inner dynamic of what's going on.

The earlier you can spot you're in survival mode, the better.

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The sooner you become aware that your endeavors won't reap any proceeds but only result in frustration and stuckness, the quicker you can react.

So the first step is observing your attitude and emotional setting towards your goal.

Do you know the feeling when you want to reach an aim, but feel like prepping yourself inwardly for yet another failure?

That was so me!

It took me a while to realize it though...
But once I did, I was immediately bound to reverse it.

It resulted in the conflating of 4 powerful questions into the 'Bang For Your BuckTM' Empowerment Kit. These questions are quite simple but extremly powerful and can tell you immediatly if you're set to succeed or sabotaging yourself.
They won't take you more than 5 minutes to accomplish!

You can use the 'Bang For Your BuckTM' Empowerment Kit before any planning. But I advise you to use it at least once a week or even on a daily basis.

These 4 questions will help you to quickly identify if your survival activators are on. 

They can save you years of struggling as you'll realize within an instant when pushing harder won't let you reach your goals but need more inner work first. 

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Being aware of this mechanism is extremely helpful when we struggle to reach our aims. Only then we can get out of this destructive circle and deactivate our survival mode.

But there is more to it.

You also need to be aware of this survival mechanism once you start to activate your soul purpose. Because it will get triggered!

Why is this the case?

There's a reason, you're standing at the exact point where you're standing right now.

And if you're not following your soul purpose already, there are very likely some unseen blockages or limitations stopping you.

Be aware, if something is holding you back, it's not happening without reason.

And before you can be successful and truly serve, you need to eliminate precisely that.
Otherwise, you'll always play low, hide yourself or crash against an invisible ceiling once you start expanding yourself. 

And awareness is key!

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I  wish I had known 4 years ago, what I know now. Had I known all this principles, I could have skipped so much struggle, pain, and disappointment.

But at least I can now help you shorten your learning curve.

To your greatness!