3 pitfalls why your people (aka target audience) won’t find you – even if you do heavy marketing!


In the last 3 years, I was hiding.
I didn't do it on purpose, though.
It just happened.
And not only because I was terrified of doing videos :-).

But it had to do WITH my purpose.

That's what happens, when you're not authentically showing up with your gifts. Thus you're heading with full speed in the wrong direction while serving the wrong people and the wrong niche.

So my people, those I'm here to serve, weren't able to find me. No wonder my business wasn't thriving.

Now the 1 million dollar question is:
How do you know if you're NOT showing up authentically in the marketplace? And if you do, what can you do against it?

Usually, two main clues are making it rather easy to identify if you're out of tune with yourself.

1. Weird feeling when communicating.

You either feel weird or uncomfortable in the way you communicate to “your” people and how they react to you.

In my case, I usually felt very uneasy and uncomfortable when I presented myself as a breakup coach. My whole body resented the idea, even if I had proof over the last 12 years in 1 on 1 counseling that I was quite successful at it.

So the topic and how I presented it wasn't convincing. Not once did anybody say: “ Wow, that's interesting. Can you tell me more about it?” So I assume it felt as awkward to them as it felt awkward to me. Well, many might not have been in the middle of a breakup, but if somebody is really enthusiastic about a topic, their spark evokes curiosity and at least some questions in your dialogue partner.

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2. No people lining up to buy

Ultimately you see it in your sales and the number of people who are lined up begging you to be allowed to buy from you.

People need to identify you as the person capable of solving their problems. So if you're not aligned with your soul purpose, you're not serving at your highest.

People will notice as your approach is not unique, not convincing, and not attractive enough because you lack the natural magnetism, which comes with your soul purpose.

That's how the universe rewards you for being right on the spot with the work you're doing. It's a natural vibrancy and attraction that's only initiated by your soul purpose.

So being authentic is about knowing who you are. What your powers and passions are and how you can distill them into your true purpose.

That's essential for you but also for your people. Not only does your soul purpose activates your natural magnetism and ínstantanious credibility. You'll automatically use the right words, offer your ideal products and intuitively know what tactics and strategies feel natural to you and you'll enjoy doing the most.

Only when you show up as authentic and true to who you are people will really start noticing you.

That's the essential element to everything business related – be it selling, branding or teaching. Because now you become marvelously visible to the people you're here to serve.

For my breakup coaching, I invested nearly $4.500 in Facebook advertising. I used it to learn about my audience and did market research as well as to build a list of nearly 2000 leads. But in the end, I only sold 3 pieces of my ebook totaling in $ 99.- of sales. That's a rather lousy conversion rate and return on investment, isn't it?

So if you want to succeed with your business, knowing about your audience isn't enough. First, you need to know who YOU are!

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So what can you do to stop the negative impact and turn the game in your favor? Identify what your personal pitfalls are!

Usually, it boils down to these 3 core limitations:

1. You don't know who you are, so you don't know how to show up authentically.

2. You live an imposed purpose, where you follow other's peoples' aims.

3. You are consciously or subconsciously ruled by your fears, limiting yourself and settling within your comfort zone.

It can happen to be also a combination of these three.
The result is all the same.
You either follow the wrong purpose or have no purpose at all.

As my oldest son is a lot on Reddit, he sometimes tells me about posts relevant to my interests. And there is this very insightful Reddit about “I started my own business and then lost passion.”

I started my own shirt business after a friend of mine from high school offered to start one up with me.
He said out of nowhere "Hey want to start a shirt business I know you can graphic design and you're good at it. I can run the business side of things" I said sure why not but then quickly realized I'm doing all the work and he's doing nothing.

So I left to start my own thing. I'm making shirts, made a website, everything looks great. I'm proud of the quality, I'll make good margin if everything goes well. I even get about 2k followers on Instagram! Then nobody bought a shirt. Not even my friends or family.

Must be the designs right? I tried all different styles and demographics to hit and still nothing. Everyone I talked to said, "yea it looks great it's a little too much". Then I made everything cheaper minimal margin I'm making cents on the dollar but now the ball will roll. Nope. Still nothing. This had killed me...
...What should I do?”

Then the discussion goes on...

“Have you considered joining the military? I'm a veteran. I've made a good life for myself, and I owe a lot of it to what I learned in the service.”

My fiancee would f*cking hang me. I do want to join the Air Force but sadly I love her quite a bit lol.”

Do you see what I'm meaning? I wouldn't go so far as to say that joining the army might be his soul purpose. But it obviously inspires more passion in him, than the T-Shirt business. And it also shows clearly his 3 pitfalls – he doesn't know himself, follows others peoples aims (friends' and girlfriends') and is being ruled by his fear of losing her.

So if you want to know your soul purpose, make a true impact in the world and build a thriving business, the Soul Purpose Inauguration Programm might be your turning point and the next right step for you to take!

To your greatness!