Why happiness is key to win in business

Success mindset hack: Why happiness is key to win in business

The secret ingredient to build wealth and increase success

Are you truly happy with your business?
Or are you secretly loathing the work you're doing?

We often think we need to put up with life’s demanding challenges so that we then can get afterwards what we really want. Then we "buy" joy, freedom or love with our the hard-earned money and expect it to compensate us later for our previous endurance.

Be it a distateful job, because we need the money to pay the bills. Be toxic people who suck our soul dry of joy, because we think we depend on them. Be it whatever reason we make up to justify our suffering and inaction. But in the end, this strategy will never work out and serve us in the way we expect it to do.

And yes, it’s true. We all need money to make our living. That’s not bad in itself. The problem though lies in the unpleasant way we earn it.

So what if you're unhappy with your business? Why do you need to change this as fast as possible?

If you just do it for the money, you usually also lack joy. And if you lack joy, it mostly means that you're not operating at your highest potential and are playing small. Then you don't offer your best possible work which in return means that you'll actually lose money!

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The biggest mistake when it comes to happiness

Do you know, that having a high endurance can actually damage your success substantially?

So the real mistake is believing that suffering is the only way...
Or the most rewarded way...
Or the fastest way...

To get what we want and where we want to be.

But there’s an alternative!

And it’s the fun one.
The happy one.
The passionate one.

Truth is, we only fall for the endurance trap, because we either don’t know, don’t believe in or don’t see the joyful, alternative path to get the same or better results!

And only because we can’t see something, this doesn’t mean it’s not there, right?

(Just think about the bear hiding and hibernating in winter! You might similarly have put your happiness in the freezer too!)

The key to allow more happiness into your life

But before you can make the switch and stop doing what you don’t enjoy or love to do, you need to understand one very important principle:

Whenever you do something that you don’t enjoy doing, it usually means that you’re doing something that you shouldn’t do or are not supposed to do anymore.

And yes, you can fall out of love with your business and work!
This usually happens, if you’re meant for bigger, more grander things. And the very thing you no longer enjoy doing, was only a preparation for the next big step for you take.

So how do you know, it’s time to take the next step?

That’s rather simple!

Whenever you are not passionate about your work and don’t enjoy accomplishing your daily tasks, it’s already a sign you’re on the wrong track! Your lack of joy is already showing you it’s time for a change.

And please start listening to the soft whispers of your heart!

Joy is your built-in sensor guiding you to your highest potential.

And I believe the world would be a better, much happier place if we’d all stop doing those things we don’t love to do but instead gift it with our true brilliance.

Why do I believe such a thing?

You'll be always happy when you use your natural born gifts (aka your strengths). They are also the missing clue to living your full potential. Want to know more? Take the hidden Potential Test!
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Strategies for success when feeling stuck: Hidden Potential Test

How happiness leads to your highest potential

You are born with a natural set of abilities and powers. These are the ones you’re supposed to make use of and gift the world with.

Once you start applying your innate gifts, it will bring you not only the greatest rewards but also the most joy.

If on the other side you do something that you don’t enjoy doing, you literally start forcing yourself to pretend to be somebody else.

Once you do this, you literally squeeze all the happiness out of your life. Not only will it put a constant strain on you, but it will also cause you heartbreaking distress and unhappiness.

The reason for this is simple.

"You can’t change a rose into an oak tree."

Even if you’re afraid that a delicate rose might not be as useful or as valuable to the world as a sturdy oak tree.
You can try to suppress it, and then it will cripple somehow.
You can try to pull on it to change it's appearance and hight.
Then you'll either tear it's blossoms and leaves or prick your finger and hurt yourself.

In the end you'll can't change it's true essence.
No matter how hard you try, it will always stay a rose.
A dampened, crippled, amputated one, maybe.
But still a rose.

Too often, we try to change who we are and depreciate the very things that come naturally to us. Maybe the false belief, that only those things for which we have to work hard have true value, causes us to devalue ourselves?

But regardless of any self-deprecating tendencies, I know that…

You are special.
You are brilliant.
You just need to learn how to access your true potential!

But what to do if you don't know your strenghts?

If you don't know who you are, it means you're playing small and are not living your full potential!

And if you want to know IF or HOW MUCH you're hiding your potential, I've developed a simple test for you.

Take the "Hidden Potential Test" and see for yourself how much you're already living your potential.

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Strategies for success when feeling stuck: Hidden Potential Test

How can you access your true potential?

Let’s get back to our rose metaphor.

There are three ingredients you need to grow a delicate rose and gift the world with your beautiful fragrance.

  • You need the right seed.
  • You need the right soil.
  • You need the right nourishment.

And together these 3 elements make up my super simple passion formula.

So how do you apply these simple passion formula to create abundance in happiness in your life?

You’ll do it in these 3 steps too:

  1. Right seed: Things you love doing, and which bring you happiness.
  1. Right soil: Out of those things that bring you happiness, chose those that offer value to others because these are the ones that will also bring you money.
  1. Right nourishment: Now put your interest and focus on the most rewarding ones and voilà, here comes your purpose.

Isn’t that simple?

Of course, there’s more to it. (It always is, if you look closer, isn’t it?)
But to grasp the concept, it’s perfect enough.

You will always do better if you use your natural talents and strengths, and if you do the work (be it business or employment) that corresponds with your unique personality.

In the end, you are who you are – the main settings of your core energy will always be there, whether you express it fully or are holding it back.

Why happiness is your guiding light

The really fun, joyous part though starts, once you operate in alignment with who you are. And this means stopping what you don’t love to do, immediately.

Happiness is always your guiding light, moving you from one level of success and abundance to the next.

To find happiness and success with your work start with:

  1. Making this list of yours with the things that bring you happiness and joy.
  2. Choosing those things that ar of great value to others.
  3. Implementing those things more and more.

Not only will this bring you more success and happiness but also more wealth too.

Here you have it, my simple 3 step passion formula to abundance and happiness.

If you want to shorten your learning curve, prevent unnecessary frustration and want to discover your true potential, you can take the hidden potential test here.

I also offer my Soul Purpose Inauguration Program if you want to make a real impact in the world and long to identify your passion, your true power and your purpose.

Plus, you’ll get all the support you need to build your own successful business based on your purpose too.

 And remember, you’re special. And joy is the key to access your unique gifts. So no matter what, always make your happiness your key priority!

To your greatness!

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Simple success mindset hack: Why happiness is key to win in business

Simple success mindset hack: Why happiness is key to win in business

Simple success mindset hack: Why happiness is key to win in business

Simple success mindset hack: Why happiness is key to win in business

Simple success mindset hack: Why happiness is key to win in business
Simple success mindset hack: Why happiness is key to win in business

Simple success mindset hack: Why happiness is key to win in business